In this example, we’ll be building a Journey Orchestrator outreach to target new customers that signed their contracts yesterday. The example is based on the Original Contact Date, which was loaded to the Customer record during the new customer import. If you have another date field that indicates when a new customer has signed, you’ll want to replace the OCD field with the appropriate field from your Salesforce instance.

Other considerations:

  • Do I want to send the welcome outreach to ALL customers or only a subset of customers?
    • If a subset, how do I segment my customers to ensure the outreach is only sent to this group?
    • One way to do this is by filtering contacts via role and selecting only the roles you want to include (i.e. Executive Sponsor)
    • Another option might be to segment your customers by ARR/MRR and utilize Gainsight’s ‘Revenue Bands’ feature. Click here to learn more.

Step 1 - Setup Power List


1. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator and click Power Lists on the left-hand side.

2. Select the + Power List button to create a new list.

Configure Power List.gif

3. Select where the list of contacts will be derived from. For this example, use:

  • Salesforce --> Customer Info --> All contacts from Filtered Accounts

4. Since this email will only be sent to new customers, we’ll setup criteria to identify customers whose contract start date was yesterday:

  • Filter for Customers with a contract start date of yesterday
    • Customer Info::Original Contract Date | equals | Subtract N Days from Run Date = 1
    • Customer Info::Status | equals | Active
  • Filter for Contacts by role to target the right decision makers:
    • Contact::Role | includes | Admin, Executive Sponsor

5. Select the list fields to be included as tokens in the email outreach:

  • Account Fields: Account::Id, Account::Account Name, Account::CSM Name {The User-Lookup field you'd like the communication to come from}, Account::CSM Email

  • Contact Fields: Contact::Email, Contact::Full Name, Contact::Account ID Name, Contact::Id, Contact::First Name

Note: You may add additional fields that you would like to use as email tokens.

6. Choose when you would like to refresh the list. For ongoing emails, make sure the list is refreshed before your outreach is scheduled.

7. Click Save.

Step 2 - Create/Download Email Template

Step 2 - Create/Download Email Template

We recommend that you download an email template from Gainsight's Vault, and customize it to match your branding.

For more information on how to setup email templates, please read Create Journey Orchestrator Email Templates. Note: be sure to tag any text that you wish to tokenize in the email body. During the Outreach setup, you will map the placeholder text to the actual fields.

Step 3 - Create & Schedule Outreach

The final step is to create and schedule our outreach. Our recommendation is to send the email daily.

1. Click Outreaches and “+ Outreach”

2. Enter a name for the Outreach and click Create.

3. Select the Power List ‘New Customer Welcome’.

4. Select the From name and From email and Reply to options.

5. Select the Email Template ‘New Customer Welcome’

6. Map Tokens

7. Under Settings, select Send email once in Lifetime, since you only want to send this email once during the customer’s lifetime.

Settings Outreaches.png

8. Click Save and Proceed to Schedule the Outreach daily.

Recurring Schedule.png

Step 4 - Track Progress

Journey Orchestrator offers built-in analytics to view opens / clicks and other information about the campaigns that you’ve launched.

  • Click Analytics and select your Outreach

Working on Challenge A1?

After you complete this exercise, you can continue to Journey Orchestrator Tutorial: Send Email to Schedule Renewal Discussion on sending an email to schedule the renewal discussion.