In this example, we’ll build a Journey Orchestrator outreach to target customers with an upcoming renewal. The example is based on the Renewal Date which was loaded to the Customer record during the new customer import. Keep in mind that you’ll want to customize this example to how your company manages your renewal process. Some considerations:

  • Does your customer have one contract or multiple contracts with varying renewal dates?
    • If multiple contracts, where does the renewal date for each of these contracts exist?
  • Will your customer auto-renew, or will the renewal process include a member of your team reaching out with a contract?

Other considerations for this outreach include:

  • Do you want to notify your customer earlier or later of their upcoming renewal? In the example below, just change the date from 60 to the timeframe that you desire!
  • If a customer doesn’t sign their renewal X days before the renewal date, do you want to send them a reminder email as well?

Step 1 - Setup Power List


1. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator and click Power Lists on the left-hand side.

2. Select the + Power List button to create a new list.

JO Powerlis_Upcoming Renewals template.gif

3. Select where the list of contacts will be derived from. In this example, select:

  • Salesforce --> Customer Info -> All Contacts from Filtered Accounts

4. Filter for Customers that meet the following criteria:

  • Customer Info::Renewal Date | equals | Add N Days from Run Date = 90
  • Customer Info::Status | equals | Active

5. In “Which meets the additional criteria,” click + Criteria. Since this email initiates the scheduling of a Business Review or Health Check, we only want the email to send to key contacts at that account.

  • Contact:Role - includes - Executive Sponsor/Decision Maker and Admin

6. Select the list fields that you'd like to include as tokens in the email outreach:

  • Account Fields: Account::Id, Account::Account Name, Account::CSM Name {The User-Lookup field you'd like the communication to come from}, Account::CSM Email

  • Contact Fields: Contact::Email, Contact::Full Name, Contact::Account ID Name, Contact::Id, Contact::First Name

Note: You may add additional fields that you would like to use as email tokens.

7. Choose when you would like to refresh the list. For ongoing emails, make sure that this is scheduled to occur before your outreach is scheduled.

8. Click Save.

For more information on how to Create Journey Orchestrator Power Lists, see the article Create Journey Orchestrator Power Lists (aka, email contact list).

Step 2 - Create/Download Email Template

Step 2 - Create/Download Email Template

Setup an email template with the relevant content.

In Settings, set the Send email to once in 90 days. Since these emails are intended to be sent once/year, we'll select the 90 days option. Note: You may have customers with multiple renewal dates based on different products they are using, in which case set the frequency to 30 days.

Step 3 - Create & Schedule Outreach

The final step once you’ve created the list and email template is to create and schedule the outreach. Our recommendation is to send the email daily.

1. Click Outreaches and “+ Outreach”

2. Enter a name for the Outreach and click Create.

3. Select the Power List you created in Step 1 above.

4. Select the From name and From email and Reply to options.

5. Select the Email Template you downloaded/customized in Step 2 above.

6. Map Tokens.

7. Click Save and proceed to schedule the Outreach daily.

For detailed instructions on how to configure outreaches, please read Create and Execute Journey Orchestrator Outreaches (aka, schedule emails).

Step 4 - Track Progress

Journey Orchestrator offers built-in analytics to view opens / clicks and other information about the campaigns that you’ve launched.

  • Click Analytics and select your Outreach

How to Ensure All Contacts Receive Emails and Exclude Weekends

If you don't want to send outreaches on the weekends, then consider configuring your Power List in the following way, so that no contacts are accidentally missed:

  • Renewal Date <= run date + 90 days
  • Renewal Date >= run date + 88 days

This will capture a 3 day window. When you're configuring the Outreach, leave the Settings checkbox for "Send email once in 90 days" checked. Then schedule the outreach to run Monday through Fridays. This ensures you'll only send an email to each Contact once. During the weekends, Contacts will accrue and their emails will go out on Monday.