This article provides instructions on how to setup Journey Orchestrator emails for scheduling a quarterly business review(QBR).

For information on how to enable Journey Orchestrator and assign Journey Orchestrator permissions, please read the article Enable Journey Orchestrator & Add Permissions.

Step 1 - Build Power List

  1. Click Power Lists on the left-hand side.

  2. Select the + Power List button to create a new list.


  1. Select where the list of contacts will be derived from. In this example, select:
  • Salesforce --> Account --> All contacts in the eligible accounts

  1. In “Which meets the folowing criteria,” click + Criteria.

The Lifecycle in Weeks is a calculated 52-week number based on the original contract date of the customer. The following criteria will calculate the customer’s lifecycle weeks and create communication at the 'quarterly' stages of their lifetime.

  • Customer Info::Lifecycle in Weeks - equals - 12 - OR

  • Customer Info::Lifecycle in Weeks - equals - 24 - OR

  • Customer Info::Lifecycle in Weeks - equals - 36 - AND

  • Customer Info: Status - includes - Active

  1. Use the Advanced Logic link and insert: (A or B or C) and D. Click Apply. This will identify customers whose lifecycle in weeks matches the above criteria, AND whose status is active.
  2. In “Which meets the additional criteria,” click + Criteria. Since this email initiates the scheduling of a Business Review or Health Check, we only want the email to send to key contacts at that account.
  • Contact:Role - equals - Executive Sponsor
 (or Decision Maker)
  1. Select the list fields that you'd like to include as tokens in the email outreach:
  • Account Fields: Account::Id, Account::Account Name, Account::CSM Name {The User-Lookup field you'd like the communication to come from}, Account::CSM Email

  • Contact Fields: Contact::Email, Contact::Full Name, Contact::Account ID Name, Contact::Id, Contact::First Name

Note: You may add additional fields that you would like to use as email tokens.

  1. Choose when you would like to refresh the list. For ongoing emails, make sure that this is scheduled to occur before your outreach is scheduled.
  2. Click Save.

For more information on how to Create Journey Orchestrator Power Lists, see the article Create Journey Orchestrator Power Lists (aka, email contact list).

Step 2 - Create/Download Email Template


Step 2 - Create Journey Orchestrator Email Templates or download and customize an email template from Gainsight's Vault.

Step 3 - Create and Execute Journey Orchestrator Outreaches (aka, schedule emails)

In Settings, set the Send email to once in 90 days. Since these emails are intended to be sent on a quarterly basis, we only want the email to go out once every 90 days.

Step 4 - Schedule Outreach

The last step is to schedule the email. We recommend you schedule the email to send daily or weekly, depending on your business.