Journey Orchestrator can be used to email customers based on low/high product usage data. In the example below, we're identifying customers whose usage of the Customer 360 is high, but they're usage of the Cockpit is low. Instructions for how to setup a Power List using your usage data follows:

Power List Setup


Navigate to Journey Orchestrator and click the Power List sub-tab on the left, and then select +Power List to create a new Power List.


1. Provide a name for your power list.

2. Decide if your power list will be used at the Account, Relationship, or User level.

3. In "Derive list of contacts from," select the source for and the name of your usage data object.

4. In "Which meets the following criteria,":

  • select a specific usage data measure and an appropriate usage threshold, for one or more measures
  • select date parameters for the usage data (the example above looks at a 1 week period)
  • select customer stages, as appropriate

5.  In "Which meets the additional criteria," select the roles (or titles) of the contacts to send the email to.

6. Add list fields for any fields you would like to tokenize in the email.

7. Set the frequency for refreshing the power list. Be sure to refresh the list before the outreach is scheduled to send.

8. Select this option to have the power list refresh before an outreach is executed. 

9. Click Save.