In this tutorial we will create a mailto: parameterized link in an email template. It is assumed that in the email template, at the bottom of the email, you are providing a Mail Me link that would open a new email window with the CSM email ID.

To create parameterized Links/URLs:

1. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Email Templates.

2. Click the Link icon.

3. In the Insert Link window, enter the following details:

  • Text: enter Mail Me.
  • Link: enter mailto: and then click on the Token icon.

4. Click the added token to edit its properties, and enter or select the following values.

  • Display Label: enter Email ID.
  • Value Type: select Text.

5. Click Update; then click Insert.


6. The following image illustrates how the token will look:


7. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Outreaches; click on Mail Me and then map the token with an appropriate value.

Note: You must select the appropriate Power List and Email Template while sending an Outreach. To learn more about Power Lists and Email Templates see the article Create Journey Orchestrator Power Lists (aka, email contact list) and Create Journey Orchestrator Email Templates respectively.


When your contact receives this email, the contact can click the Mail Me link (that would contain the CSM email ID) to send the CSM an email.

Similarly, you can perform the same procedure on a button.