Subject: This tutorial demonstrates a case where there's a need to create a Power List to notify anyone that a CTA has been fired off and has not had any updates.
Scenario: Journey Orchestrator is extremely powerful; particularly Power Lists. In this case the objective is to be able to notify either the account owner or the CSM that a CTA has been fired off and hasn't been updated.
Complexity: Very Easy
Description: Create a powerlist that refreshes daily to check for any particular CTAs that have been created and untouched.
Challenges: Making sure the Powerlist fires off before the Outreach
Approach: Create a Powerlist to check for CTAs that are untouched

Notes and Tips:


  • This tutorial is presented for educational purposes only
  • Always test your rules before running them in a production environment
  • Understand your Salesforce environment before performing any operations which may affect your data

Navigate to Journey Orchestrator Power ListsJourney_Orchestrator_Powerlist.png

  1. Click the Journey Orchestrator tab > click the Power List sub-page in the left pane
  2. Click +Power List

Set up the Power List

Jo Powerlist_CTAs Untouched Notification.png
  1. Enter name for the Power List
  2. Select "Salesforce" from the Derive list of contacts from > "Call to Action" > User Field > Call to Action::Assignee
  3. Select the following criteria:
    • Call to Action Name equals [name of your CTA]
    • Set the first Created Date to greater or equal and subtract N days from run | 7
    • Set the second Created Date to less than and subtract N days from run | 6
      • Set these boxes to the date desired (If a week is desired set the top to 7 and bottom to 6; or for two weeks use 14 and 13. As long as they are one day apart it will still check that day.)
    • Set Last Modified Date less or equal, subtract N days from run, and then set it according to whatever the desired check time is. (If you want it to check the last 5 days set to 5; or 10 to set it to the last ten days.)

Finish the Power List

JO Powerlist_CTAs Untouched Notification2.png
  1. (Optional) Add list fields for use as tokens in the template.
  2. Make sure the power list refresh occurs before the outreach sends the email.
  3. If the box "Refresh the power list before outreach execution" is checked, then there is no reason to worry about checking the outreach's send time.
  4. Click Save and Refresh. You will receive an email as well as a pop up that says it has succeeded.

Additional Notes

In this tutorial it was not covered how to Create Journey Orchestrator Email Templates

It was also not covered how to Create and Execute Journey Orchestrator Outreaches (aka, schedule emails).