You can include reports on the success of your email outreaches directly in the Customer360 Details view. The following tutorial explains how to build a report from the Email Logs object, and then add it to a C360 Details section. The report will automatically be filtered for the individual customer on the C360. Your CSMs can then easily see whether their customers are opening the emails and clicking links that your organization sends them.

1. Go to Administration > Report Builder

2. From Select data source, select Email Logs.

3. In Show me, add the following fields: Triggered Date, Contact Name, Template Name, Open Count, and Click Count.

4. Apply appropriate filters. For example, Triggered Date and Account Name.


5. Enter the report name and then click the Save icon to save the created report.


6. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts, and click edit on the relevant layout.

7. Drag the Section/Embed page option from the left column over to the right.

8. Click the configuration gear on the new section.

9. Enter or select the following information:

  • Source: Select Email Logs
  • Filter the report by: Select Account Id
  • Select reports to be shown in this section: Select the report that you created above

10. Click Save.

11. Click the edit icon (pencil) on the section and enter a name for the new section.


View the Email Analytics Report in C360

In the customer search field on any page, enter the name of a customer, and click it to view their Customer360. Scroll or click the name of the new Email section to see your email analytics report.