This article will walk you through how to add the "Subscription Preferences" link to the footer of the emails that are delivered from the Rules Engine.

Why is this important?

  1. Adding the unsubscribe /email opt-out option is a legal compliance requirement in many countries. Refer here for more information.
  2. It improves the deliverability rate of the email and provides more chance for the email to land into the inbox, rather than into Spam.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine.
  2. Click RULES LIST tab.

For Existing Rules with a Send Email Action:

  1. Click an existing rule to bring up the details that will show on right hand side of screen.
  2. Click Edit.

Setup Action

Setup Action

For New Rules or Rules Without a Send Email Action:

  1. Click Setup Action tab.
  2. Select Add Manage your subscription preferences link.

Note: This process will be identical whether you select an existing rule, or you add this feature to a new rule.


Once this is checked, Manage your subscription preferences here can be found in the emails sent to the contacts (see above).


When the user clicks on the link, they are directed to the window shown above.

The options a customer fills out within this form are available in the email log collection of the MDA subject area. This data can be used in the following ways:

  1. Create a rule with Email logs as data source and create CTA when the contact opts-out of email communication. This tells a CSM that the contact is not interested in my product or these emails.
  2. Create a report from the report builder to see how many contacts have unsubscribed and which email may have caused the customer to unsubscribe.

Operational Emails to ignore unsubscribed list of contacts:

An Admin will mark an email as operational when it is considered important information regarding the service that is used by the customer. In this case, the email can be sent to the contacts who have opted-out from email communication. For more guidelines, see the article Operational Email Guidelines.

To mark an email as operational in the Rules engine, check the box shown below.


Note: It is not possible to add Manage Subscription Preferences link to an operational email.  Operational emails do not fall under the blanket of emails governed by Subscription preferences.  Hence, you cannot manage subscription preferences from Operational emails.