The Email Validator helps Admins check whether an email address is in the deny list from receiving email communication. If the email is present in the deny list, Admins can remove the email ID from the deny list, so that the contact can receive further email communication. Admins can also view the reason for deny list when they validate an email address. The distinction between a hard bounce and soft bounce emails is clearly mentioned in the Email logs.

Check Hard/Soft Bounce

You can know a hard/soft bounce using the following methods:

  1. From Report Builder, using Email Log or Email Raw Events.
  2. In Administration > Email Validator, enter an email address to see their status.


  • An email ID is added to the deny list when a hard bounce occurs.
  • It is assumed that you already know the email address.

Validate Email ID

To validate an email ID:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Email Validator.
  1. In the text box, enter the email ID (in all lower case letters).
  2. Click Validate.

If the email ID is valid and not in the deny list, the following message appears


If the email ID is in deny list, the reason for deny listing appears on the screen.

  1. To remove the email ID from the deny list, select the Add to Deny List checkbox and click Remove.