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Job Aid: Review and Respond to Survey Feedback

The Gainsight for VoC solution helps your organization Listen for, Act on, and Analyze your customer feedback. Your Survey Manager will configure and distribute surveys and emails in Gainsight, in order to “listen” for customer feedback. Account Managers will “act” on survey feedback using closed loop workflows and semi-automated emails. And Managers/Executives will “analyze” survey feedback in dashboard reports and how the team manages survey follow-up.

The Gainsight section on the SFDC Account page displays recent survey responses and NPS® scores for individual customers. Gainsight also includes Cockpit for account owners to directly manage Calls to Action based on customer feedback.

To get started, navigate to the relevant Account page, and scroll to the Gainsight section.


Cockpit displays Calls to action (CTAs) for this account, and their associated tasks. CTAs are triggered by business rules that analyze the customer’s NPS® Survey responses, and determine if follow-up by the account owner is recommended. For a low NPS® score, for example, the account owner may need to reach out to gather more feedback, and develop an action plan to address the customer’s concerns. Each CTA contains a best practice playbook for addressing promoter, passive, or detractor NPS® scores.

In the list view (pictured above), you can see the CTA owner, CTA name, number of associated tasks, and the CTA due date.

To update CTAs:

  1. From the list view, you can mark a CTA as completed, by selecting the checkbox on the far left.

2. Click the CTA name to view or edit the details:

  • To re-assign a CTA to a colleague, click the owner’s image and search to select their name.

  • To change the CTA due date, click the calendar icon and select a new date.

  • To update the CTA Status, click the Status menu and select the appropriate status. For example, you might change the status to Escalated if you need to involve your manager.

3. To manually add a new task, or change the Playbook associated with the CTA, click the three dots in the right corner.

4. To view the individual tasks associated with a CTA, click the number of tasks in the Cockpit list view. The tasks are the specific steps necessary to address the Call to action.

5. To update a task’s status, click the task name; or click the checkbox to the left of the task name to mark it complete. Tasks can also be re-assigned to colleagues as needed. For example, you might want to assign a follow-up meeting task to your manager.

6. For email tasks (indicated by the envelope icon), click Approve and Send Email to preview a pre-populated email template and send it to the customer contact. In the example CTA pictured below, there are three email template tasks to choose from. The email templates available in your org may vary based on what your Survey Admin configured in Gainsight.

7. In the Edit Email screen, you can can select contacts or manually enter their addresses in the ‘To’ (limit one contact) and ‘CC’ fields (one or more contacts). Currently, there is no limit on the total number of recipients.

Note: If you manually enter an email address for a recipient who is not in your SFDC contacts, you will need to manually update token placeholders for fields like Contact First or Full Name.

8.  (Optional) You can enter or modify the email template’s subject and body. You may delete a token placeholder if necessary and proceed with sending.

9.  (Optional) You can add attachments, insert images and hyperlinks, and use the other formatting tools in the email designer. The cumulative size of your attachments and email template must not exceed 10 MB.  

10.  If you are not ready to send the email, click Save As Draft. Otherwise, click Preview & Send Email to see how the email will look to recipients.

11.  In the Preview screen, click Send Email to send the email. You can also Send Test Email (sends to the currently logged in user), or Go Back and edit the email further.


  • After you Send the email, the Email Task will automatically update to a closed status.

  • The email appears to be From the currently logged in user.


Visit the Feedback tab for more context and to deep-dive on the customer’s latest survey responses.

Feedback: NPS® Responses

The Feedback > NPS® Responses sub-tab provides a comprehensive view of the customer’s survey responses. NPS® feedback is displayed in chronological order, and the NPS® score for that particular survey, as well as individual respondent’s scores and comments are also displayed.

Feedback: Survey Responses

On the Feedback > Survey Responses sub-tab, you can view a list of the respondents for each NPS® survey, their roles, response date, and a link to view their survey responses.

Click the View icon to see the individual’s survey response. This is helpful when the survey contains multiple questions, and you want to view their individual responses and comments. This survey detail view is not editable.

NPS® Trends

On the NPS® Trends tab, you can view the customer’s sentiment over time. Select a time period to compare the number of promoters, passives, and detractors from the organization over time.

Click a data point in the report to access the drill down view:

In the drill down view, you can search or sort the data in each column, as well as export the data to Excel.

You also have options to change the visualization type, filter the report, and more using the icons in the upper right.


NPS, Net Promoter, and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.
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