Administrators can link two different Gainsight objects(Standard and Custom) by creating a lookup relationship between them. MDA joins are enabled by selecting the “Enable lookup” property on the field in the child object to the master object. This helps to join data from both the objects and helps to generate reports and create rules on these objects. Admins can join two standard or custom objects, Standard object to custom object, and vice versa.

This configuration enables Admins to generate reports using data in Gainsight, such as a report on the Survey Responses recorded by each Industry. Admins can also create rules based on data in Gainsight. For example, an Admin might create a rule for Company and count of Survey responses received over the last 7 days for specific industries.

This article describes how to enable/configure lookup relationships on Gainsight data fields so that users can use MDA joins efficiently.


  • You can apply MDA joins on two Gainsight objects if the following conditions are satisfied:
    • In the data management page, the objects should have the "Joins allowed" property as true.
    • The lookup relation between the two objects can be defined only on the GSID, String, and Email data type fields.
  • Gainsight supports creation of lookup relations only on the  Gainsight objects for which joins are allowed.
  • Decide what needs to be put in your join table: typically the Company ID, Name, CSM information, other attributes, etc.
  • There must be at least one field that is an external identifier to your company data in Gainsight that will allow you to tie together your external data and your Gainsight data.


Enable Lookup on a Gainsight Object

To enable lookup on a Gainsight object:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Management > All Objects > [Click on an existing object].
  2. Click the Edit Field icon of the field that you want to use as a lookup.


  1. Select the Enable lookup and select the object from the dropdown list, to which you would like to enable the lookup relation.
  2. Select the field from the dropdown list to which you would like to create a lookup relation.
  3. Click Update.


  • By default, when you apply lookup relation, LEFT OUTER JOIN is performed.
  • A LEFT OUTER JOIN is performed on a base collection (the collection selected as data source).
  • You can create a lookup relation on the objects up to 2 sub-levels. For example, Case Data > Company > Active User, where Case Data has a lookup relation on Company, and Company has a lookup relation on Active User. You cannot have an Gainsight Object containing lookup relation at the 3rd sub-level such as Active User cannot have a lookup relation to any other Gainsight object.
  • MDA Joins can be performed on the GSID, String, and Email data type fields.