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Customer Info Object


The Customer Info object is a Gainsight object which has a one-to-one lookup to  Salesforce Account records. The Customer Info object provides flexibility to define custom fields in Gainsight without having to add or modify fields in the Salesforce standard objects.

You can load data into the fields of the Customer Info object from multiple sources and objects. For example, a customer can have their financial information loaded from the MDA, their contract date information loaded from the Opportunity object, and product information imported from the Contract object.

When you load data into a field of the Customer Info object from a source object, the field will have a one-to-one mapping with that source object. Loading all the information into the fields of the Customer Info object from multiple sources makes the important customer information much more accessible and manageable from Gainsight.

In Gainsight, you can use the Customer Info object in a module and fetch data from different objects depending on the fields selected. For example, while using Customer Info object in rules, reports, or Cockpit list view, each field fetches data from the object it is mapped to.

Load data into Customer Info object

You can load data into the Customer Info object using the Salesforce Data Import Wizard. For more information, refer the SFDC article Import Data with the Data Import Wizard.

You can also load data into the Customer Info object using the Gainsight Rules Engine. For more information, refer Use Rules to Load to SFDC Object or MDA Subject Area.

Using the Customer Info object in the Customers tab

The Customers tab contains a set of views, aimed to provide the most up to date and important customer data in columns. The data is brought in from the fields of different objects. (Account, Customer Info, Transaction, etc.) You can configure fields from the Customer Info object and create a custom view to display related information in the Customers tab. For more information, refer Creating Custom UI Views.

Types of fields in the Customer Info object

While shipping the product, Gainsight provides a set of default fields in the Customer info object and these cannot be edited. Customers can create their own custom fields depending on the requirement. To view the list of default fields and custom fields:

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects.

Customer Info Object.png

  1. Click the Customer Info object. Following image shows default and custom fields in the Customer Info object.

Default & Custom Fields.png

Note: The fields which have the download icon next to the field label are default fields and the others are custom fields.

  1. To add a custom field in the Customer Info object, refer to the Salesforce video How to Create a Custom Field in Salesforce.
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