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Overview of Gainsight Connect Upgrade


Gainsight is upgrading Gainsight Connect to the new Salesforce Connector. This article explains the advantages of Salesforce Connector and the changes you can expect post upgrade.

Advantages of Salesforce Connector

Salesforce Connector is Gainsight’s new technology to sync data from Salesforce into Gainsight. It has the following new capabilities: 

  • New and improved out-of-the-box jobs to sync Account, Contact, and User data from Salesforce into the Gainsight objects -  Company, Person, and User.
  • Ability to create custom jobs to sync data from any object in Salesforce into Gainsight.
  • Ability to filter incoming data to bring in the data which is most relevant to your business.
  • Ability to configure dependent jobs and robust job schedules.

In order to ensure that you have access to all of the benefits of our new connector technology, Gainsight will upgrade “Gainsight Connect” to the new  “Salesforce Connector”.

Changes to Gainsight Connect Post Upgrade

Post upgrade, you can see the following changes in your Gainsight org: 

  • Salesforce Connector will be enabled and a connection to already authenticated Salesforce org will be created in the Salesforce Connector.
  • Following jobs in “Gainsight Connect” will be upgraded to “Salesforce Connector”:
    • Company sync
    • User Sync
    • Picklist Sync
    • Relationship Type Sync
    • Relationship Sync
  • In addition, Salesforce Connector will also create a new Company Person sync job.
  • Your scheduled configurations in “Gainsight Connect” will be preserved during the upgrade and will be moved over to “Salesforce Connector” jobs.
  • Schedules of “Gainsight Connect” jobs will be disabled. Gainsight Connect data jobs will be visible in the UI in read-only mode.

Upgrade will be fully automated and no action will be required from Gainsight Admins. Gainsight will send a follow-up notification after the upgrade is completed. If you have any questions or issues while or post upgrade, contact Gainsight Support.

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