This tutorial explains how an administrator can create a data space so that it can be used efficiently for generating meaningful reports. In this tutorial, we will create a data space on Opportunity Products that eventually can be used to generate reports.

Create a Data Space

To create a data space:

1. Navigate to Administration > Data Spaces.

2. From the Select Object drop-down, select Opportunity Product.


3. Click on the Add to Fields icon to add the following fields under the Fields section:

From Object: Add the following fields in the Fields section:
Opportunity Product ID, Date, AnnualFee, Line Description, List Price, NumberOfLicenses, Opportunity Product Name, and Opportunity ID.
From Fields: Add the following subfields in the Fields section:
Product ID Product Code, Product Family, Product Name, and Product Description
Opportunity ID > Account ID Account Name, Industry, and Annual Revenue

Note: These selections were not possible before the introduction of Data Spaces.

4. Enter appropriate data space name and description in Name and Description text fields respectively; then click SAVE. The data space gets saved successfully.

5. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder and select the data space you just created.


6. Click the + icon in Show me to see all the fields you added in step 3.

7. Use this data space to generate a report as shown in the following image:

Things to Remember

If you have selected Product ID in Search Fields, while searching for fields, you can see fields that are under Product ID only. However, if you want to search for fields present under Last Modified By ID, you will have to select Last Modified By ID to search for fields under it.