Because the Survey Data Model is spread across 5 different objects, reporting on specific aspects of a survey can be difficult, since you can only pull one of these objects into the Report Builder at a time. The type of lookup/join required to reference all five of these objects was not previously possible. With Data Spaces, we can now solve this problem.

Here are a few example use cases for Survey Data Spaces:

  • Create a time trend report for a question within a Survey. E.g. I want to measure Customer Satisfaction trend over a period of time, such as the last 12 months.
  • Set a Score based on Survey Response. E.g. Based on Survey response, set the score for a customer.
  • Load Survey response data into a custom on-boarding object. E.g. Based on the onboarding survey load, set the on-boarding score in the Customer Info object.
  • Create a report on a particular question within the Survey despite having to reference multiple objects.

Survey Data Structure Overview

The following objects contain the entire Survey Data Model:

  • Survey User Answer: contains the Answer Code, Question Code, and Participant’s Code.
  • Survey Allowed Answer: contains the Answer Code and the text of the answer.
  • Survey Question: contains the Question Code and the text for the question.
  • Survey Master: contains the Survey Code, Survey Name and other details.
  • Survey Participant: contains the Participant Code and Name, as well as a look-up to the Account, Contact, and Customer Info objects.

We will reference fields throughout each of these objects as we construct the data space.

Create the Data Space

For general information on how to create a data space, please refer to Data Space Creation and Consumption.

For this example Survey Data Space, we will use the Survey User Answer as a base object and then add fields based on the lookup to the other four objects.

The below diagram illustrates the path of this lookup:


Note: use label names that are very descriptive of what is in that field, since some fields have the same names on different objects.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Spaces.
  2. Select the Survey User Answer table as your base object.
  3. Add the fields referenced in the images below.

Note: the images below include suggested labels for the selected fields, in order to prevent confusion when the data space is referenced.

  1. Add a reference to the Account object using the plus icon illustrated below.


  1. Add a name and description for your data space, and then click Save.

You can use this newly created data space in the Report Builder and the Rules Engine.