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Tutorial: Hierarchical reporting using Data Spaces

In this tutorial, you will create a hierarchical report using a Data Space. The CustomerInfo object contains fields about the CSMs and their managers within a reporting chain. Using the CustomerInfo object, a Data Space is created with all the manager fields, and then this data space is used in creating a report to filter data based on a specific region, team or reporting chain. 

To create a data space with hierarchical reporting: 

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Spaces
  2. Create a new data space using the Customer Info as the source object. 
  3. Add the following fields: 
  • MRR
  • NPS® Score
  • ARR
  • Renewal Date
  • Orig. Contr. Date
  • Full Name (Customer Info → Account → CSM) labelled as Manager 1
  • Full Name (Customer Info → Account → CSM → Manager ID) labelled as Manager 2
  • Full Name (Customer Info → Account → CSM → Manager ID → Manager ID) labelled as Manager 3
  • Full Name (Customer Info → Account → CSM → Manager ID → Manager ID → Manager ID) labelled as Manager 4
  • Account Name
  • Id
  • Email 
  • Score 
  • Region 
  1. Click SAVE. Provide the name for the data space; for example Regional Manager Reporting
  2. Go to Administration > Report Builder
  3. Create a new report using the new data space source you created (eg. Regional Manager Reporting).  
  4. Add ARR and NPS® Score in the Show me fields. 
  5. Add Region to the By field. 
  6. Add Manager 4 as the filter field and type the current user name. The report will be filtered based on the CSM selected in the Filter area. 



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