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Gainsight Inc.

Gainsight Storage Structure and Features Index


This article provides a visual overview of how Gainsight handles data movement and storage. The diagram below illustrates the Gainsight data collections (databases) and shows where a feature stores its data or what is has access to. At the end of the article, there is an index with hyperlinks to those features.

GS Structure Overview_new.png


  • Scorecards 2.0 data is stored in the MDA, therefore it doesn’t have access to SFDC Fields. However, it has access to Salesforce Connector data through MDA Joins, as they both store data in the same collection. Salesforce Connector’s job is to sync data from some SFDC Objects.
  • When data is ingested through the connectors into MDA, raw data is moved to an MDA object. After this, Rules Engine and Report Builder can query that MDA data. These features can also refer SFDC Data.
  • Data Spaces can only be made with SFDC objects, not with MDA Data.
  • Rules Engine and reporting features can access data from both MDA and SFDC.
  • There is no real time connection between SFDC and MDA, but data can be moved via Rules Engine or Salesforce Connector.
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