Customers engaged in the renewal process may not be best suited to provide a reference. A customer’s Reference Edge Reference Status will be automatically updated to “Caution” when a customer enters into the renewal process.

Create a rule to change the Reference Status based on an upcoming Renewal Date

a) Define Rule Criteria

Go to the Gainsight Administration tab > Rules Engine. Click to create a new Rule using the “+Rule” on the right hand side. See Rules Engine Overview for more information on setting up Rules.

Fill in the following in the rule detail screen:

  • Rule Type “Custom”
  • Rule Name: “ReferenceEdge: Change Ref Status for Renewal” (or name of your preference)

Click on Next to navigate to the Rules Configuration Screen > Click the ‘Native Data’ radio button > Click in the dropdown to select the ‘Account’ or ‘CustomerInfo’ object (depending on where your Renewal Date is stored.

From the list of fields in the left-hand column, add the following fields to the Show box by selecting and dragging:

  • ID from Account Object (Account:: ID) - Required
  • Renewal Date from your source object (Customer Info:: Renewal Date)- Required

As filters, add the following: Customer Info:: Renewal Date (Subtract N Days from Rule Date) ‘60’

Click ‘Next’ to move to the Action Configuration Screen.

b) Setup a Load to SFDC Action

  • Click ‘+Action’ so create a new Action
  • Select ‘Load to SFDC’ from the Action Type dropdown on the top left of the Action box
  • Select ‘Reference Profile’ from the ‘Object Name’ dropdown 
  • Click ‘Update’ from the ‘Operation’ dropdown
  • Map the ‘Account::Id’ field in the left-hand column to ‘Account (String)’ in the dropdown on the right-hand column and check ‘Include in Identifiers’ 
  • Click ‘+Field Mapping’ in the top right to add another field
  • From the dropdown in the new field, select ‘Reference Status’ 
  • In the dropdown box that appears below, select ‘Caution’

Click Save > On the Schedule Configuration screen. Schedule to run on a daily basis.