Provides objectivity and visibility of a customer’s reference vitality.  

Create a Reference Scorecard Measure

Go to Gainsight Administration > Scorecard > Scroll down to ‘Step 3: Measure and Group Configuration’

Click to add a new Measure > Create a new Scorecard measure in Gainsight and name it ‘Reference’ - associate it with an existing Group, if applicable. See Configure Scorecards for more information on creating new Scorecard Measures.

Create a rule to populate the ‘Reference’ Scorecard Measure

a) Define Rule Criteria

Go to Gainsight Administration > Rules Engine. Click to create a new Rule using the “+Rule” on the right hand side. See Rules Engine Overview for more information on setting up Rules.

Fill in the following in the rule detail screen:

  • Rule Type “Custom”
  • Rule Name: “ReferenceEdge: Baseline Scorecard Rule” (or name of your preference)

Click Next to navigate to the Rules Configuration Screen > Click the ‘Native Data’ radio button > Click in the dropdown to select the ‘Reference Profile’ object.

From the list of fields in the left-hand column, add the following fields to the Show box by selecting and dragging:

  • ID from Account Object (Account:: ID) - Required
  • Reference Stats from Reference Profile (Reference Profile:: Reference Status)  Required

In Filters, add the following: Reference Profile:: Reference Status (not equal to) ‘Null’


b) Setup the Scorecards Actions

  • Click ‘+Action’ to create a new Action.
  • Select ‘Set Score’ from the Action Type dropdown on the top left of the Action box
  • Select ‘Reference’ from the ‘Select Measure’ dropdown 
  • Click on the grey box that displays ‘NA’ next to the text ‘Set Score from’ and select the corresponding score 
  • Click ‘+Criteria’ in the bottom right of the Action box
  • Select ‘Reference Profile:: Reference Status’ from the dropdown
  • Set the operator to ‘Equals’ 
  • Select the Reference Status value that corresponds to the Score you selected

Create three ‘Set score’ Actions; the Score and the Reference Status criteria will correspond to the following:

  1. Score = Green; Reference Status = Active
  2. Score = Yellow; Reference Status = Caution
  3. Score = Red; Reference Status = Inactive

Set Score Action 1


Set Score Action 2


Set Score Action 3


Click Save > On the Schedule Configuration screen. Schedule to run on the same frequency as your other Scorecard rules.