Customer Success and Customer Advocacy are closely related and now, through the integration of Gainsight and ReferenceEdge, data interactions and activity management is made seamless.

ReferenceEdge provides a single source for customer advocate information and customer content, and automates key customer reference processes such as reference requests. Once a customer agrees to act as a reference in one capacity or another, a searchable reference profile record is created that contains the following:

  • Current status
  • Approved reference activities (calls, site visits, videos, etc.)
  • Areas of expertise (products, use cases, etc.)
  • Use limits

CSMs and others with the necessary permissions may update this information, but many updates may be automated, as described in this document. Conversely, activities and status changes to the reference profile records feed into Gainsight reference scores and ultimately contribute to the overall account health score.

The following use cases are not by any means an exhaustive list. You may identify other interactions between the two applications that can also be accomplished with the Gainsight Rules Engine. Additional uses cases may require Salesforce triggers, workflows or processes.

To learn more about ReferenceEdge go to or visit the Salesforce AppExchange listing for ReferenceEdge.

In order for Gainsight and ReferenceEdge to integrate, it’s mandatory that both managed packages be installed and active in the same Salesforce org. Installation links and guides are available on the Salesforce AppExchange.