What is Pendo?

Pendo is an integrated solution for software products that helps them be more successful.  Pendo extends your product to capture user behavior, gather feedback, and guide users. By partnering with Pendo you can uncover what truly drives your product success and elevate your customer experience. Pendo provides a uniquely integrated interface to measure what users are doing, ask them why, and put those insights directly into action in the product. Pendo is enterprise-grade and intelligently engineered to not impact security or performance, yet is easy to use for people of all skill levels with no coding required.

What are the use cases for integrating Pendo with Gainsight?

Pendo provides both detailed product usage data that can be pulled into Gainsight and the ability to deliver in-application messages, guides and surveys to users based on data in Gainsight.

Augment customer health scores with highly actionable product data. Customer behavior in your application is an incredibly important indicator of health. Track key KPIs like time in the app, features used, and login frequency at both the customer and individual user level with Pendo, and incorporate them into Gainsight’s health scores, workflows, and usage reports.  Adding product data from Pendo to Gainsight allows you to:

  • Prioritize customer success follow-up for accounts with declining usage
  • Identify behavior patterns for potential upsell and expansion and follow-up with coordinated workflows and outreach
  • Incorporate product usage metrics like login frequency and time on site in health scores, analyze which product behaviors drive the highest health scores
  • Trigger offline outreach via Journey Orchestrator to customers that have been inactive for a period of time

Deliver personalized interaction at one-to-many scale. Your product is a high-value communication channel with your customers — a way to engage them when they are most receptive, and your message is most relevant. Tailor customized help, messages, and surveys to your customers directly in-app based on Gainsight’s customer insights. Adding Gainsight data to Pendo allows you to:

  • Notify users in the application of an upcoming renewal or other significant lifecycle milestone
  • Tailor user onboarding to showcase the most relevant features based on user role
  • Trigger specific guides and messages to nurture Customer’s adoption based on their survey responses or Overall Health

How do I get started with Pendo?

  1. Visit www.pendo.io, and request a demonstration
  2. Our team will walk you through the platform, and set up a free trial
  3. Once Pendo is installed in your application, you can setup the integration with Gainsight

How does the integration work?

Pendo’s integration with Gainsight leverages Pendo’s Salesforce sync feature. The feature allows Pendo to read and write data directly to/from Salesforce objects, and can be set up directly within Pendo. Once the Salesforce sync is set up, custom Gainsight rules will bring the data to and from Gainsight. The integration does not require any special connectors or API calls.

How often does the data sync?

Pendo data will sync with Gainsight every 24 hours; however, it can also be pushed on-demand through the Pendo interface.

Can I sync Pendo data to Gainsight’s Matrix Data Architecture (MDA)?

Yes - you can either write Pendo usage data to Gainsight objects in Salesforce, or the MDA.  Note that in either case you will first have to pass data from Pendo to Salesforce.  Then you can use Gainsight’s rules engine to import the data to either data store.

How am I charged for using the Gainsight integration?

In order to use the integration, you will need to have a full version of Pendo with the Salesforce sync feature. There is no other cost associated with integrating with Gainsight. Pendo is priced based on the number of active monthly users in your application. For additional details, send a mail to support@pendo.io.

What kind of support will I receive?

Pendo provides phone and email technical support with all subscriptions. For questions, please send an inquiry to support@pendo.io.