Send an automated email to your customer contacts once their onboarding project is complete to congratulate them on their progress, let them know their next steps and relevant resources so they don’t miss a beat.

Note: Some of the Gainsight application screenshots are out of date in the Clarizen integration articles, but the overall process remains largely unchanged.

Step-1: Design your Power List in Journey Orchestrator

Using the similar criteria we used to automate a Hand-off CTA in the previous use case, design your Power List in Journey Orchestrator to reach out to key contacts once an onboarding project is complete. For our example, the Project should be in a ‘Completed’ state and the Completion Date was yesterday.

In this example, we’ve further targeted the Contacts we will target with this email; contacting only those people who hold an ‘Admin, Adoption Champion or Executive Sponsor’ Role.

I have also added the ‘CSM Name’, ‘Customer Name’ and ‘Executive Sponsor’ from the Account and the ‘Project Manager Name’ from the Clarizen Project Object to the ‘Select the list fields’ box. We will use these two field as tokens in the email to let the customer know who their contacts are within your company,

Refer the article Enable Journey Orchestrator & Add Permissions for further instruction on all the subsequent steps in this use-case.

Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Power Lists > Click + Power List.

Select the following:

  • Derive list of contacts from ‘Salesforce’ > ‘Clarizen Project’ Object > ‘All Contacts in eligible accounts’
  • Which meets the following Criteria:
    • Clarizen Project:: Completion Date (equals) ‘Subtract N Days from Run date’ (1)
    • Clarizen Project:: State (includes) ‘Completed’
  • Which meets the additional criteria from Contacts
    • Contact:: Rule (includes) ‘Admin, Exec Sponsor, Power User’ (or your desire Contact Roles”
  • Select the List Fields
    • Account:: CSM Name
    • Account:: Executive Sponsor
    • Clarizen Project:: Account
    • Clarizen Project:: Account Name
    • Clarizen Project:: Created by ID Email
    • Clarizen Project:: Project Manager Name
    • Customer Info:: Customer Name
  • Select Contact Fields
    • Contact:: Email
    • Contact:: Full Name
    • Contact:: ID
  • Select Account Lookup: Account
  • Contact Account Lookup: Account ID (Contact)
Automate a Transition Email 1.gif

Check the ‘Refresh Daily’ checkbox and select desired time to refresh the list (should happen before you want your email outreach to be sent).

Step-2: Design your Email Template

Craft the email to your customer; share your excitement for their launch with your product, let them know the next steps, who will be involved from your company and useful materials to them at their launch. In this example, this email is intended to be sent from the Executive Sponsor assigned to this Customer. Insert placeholders for the tokens.

Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Email Templates > Click + Email Template.

Email Template_Abbett.png

Insert tokens by click on the ‘Tag’ icon in the tool belt bar.

Click to Save.

Step-3: Create your Outreach

Select your Power List and complete your Email Template by populating all the appropriate To/From information and inserting the Tokens into the body of the email.

Navigate to the Journey Orchestrator > Outreaches >  Click + Outreach.

Populate the following information in your outreach:

  • From Name
  • To (this should be the name of the Power List you created in Step 1)
  • Template (this should be the email you created in Step 2)
  • From Email
  • Reply-to

Schedule to be sent daily - only those Customers whose Project Completion Date was yesterday will exist in your Power List so you will not send duplicates to the same customers.

Click Save.