Provide insight into the health and status of ongoing projects by incorporating an ‘onboarding’ or ‘services’ score into the customers health scorecard. We recommend the following method to integrate Clarizen data into your Gainsight Scorecard:


Note: Some of the Gainsight application screenshots are out of date in the Clarizen integration articles, but the overall process remains largely unchanged.

Step-1: Setup Scorecard Measure

Create a new Scorecard measure by following Step 3 in the article Configure Account Scorecards.

Use the Project Status to populate a Scorecard Measure

Use the ‘Track Status’ field from Clarizen that indicates if a project is ‘On Track’, ‘At-Risk’, or ‘Off Track’ to populate a scorecard measure.

Step-2: Create the Rule

In the example rule below, we are using the Track Status from the project in an ‘Active’ or ‘On-Hold’ state, that is not in a ‘Non-Active’ Track Status, and has the next upcoming Due Date (MIN of Due Date). Note that these criteria should only return one Project per Account. If you find that you have more than one Project per Account that meets these criteria, add additional criteria so you only return one Project per Account.

Gainsight Administration tab > go to the Rules Engine tile in the top left. Click to create a new Rule using the “+Rule” on the right hand side.

Fill in the following in the rule detail screen:

  • Rule Type “Custom”
  • Rule Name: “CLZ: Project Status to Onboarding Score

Click on Next to navigate to the Rules Configuration Screen > Click the ‘Native Data’ radio button > Click in the dropdown to select the ‘Clarizen Project’ object

From the list of fields in the left-hand column, Add the following fields to the Show box by selecting and dragging:

  • Due Date from Clarizen Project Object (Clarizen Project:: Due Date) > Click on this field in the Show Box to product a drop-down > Select ‘MIN’ from the drop-down
  • Track Status from Clarizen Project Object (Clarizen Project:: Track Status)
  • ID from Account Object (Account:: ID)

Click Next to navigate to the Action Configuration screen.

Create three ‘Set Score’ Actions for each Track Status value and set the corresponding values on your Scoring Scheme (e.g., Red, Yellow, Green)


Click Save > On the Schedule Configuration screen, schedule to run on the same frequency as your other Scorecard rules.