Display reports on the history of projects conducted with a Customer, what was delivered, and important Milestones within active projects - even add the Projects roadmaps to the C360.

Provide CSMs a single place to see everything going on for that customer, including historical, active, and planned projects.

Note: Some of the Gainsight application screenshots are out of date in the Clarizen integration articles, but the overall process remains largely unchanged.

Step-1: Create reports on Clarizen Project and/or Clarizen Milestone* Objects

*Note: You will not be able to use the Clarizen Milestone Object until an Account Lookup has been added to the Object and populated through a rule. For more information, refer “Setup Step 1” in the article Clarizen: Integration Overview.

Go to Gainsight Administration > Click on the Reports 2.0 tile towards the center of the page > This will take you to the Report Builder interface

Select the fields that are most relevant to your projects, using the screenshot below as an example. To add a field, Click the “+” action next to the show me.


For more information, refer to Reports & Dashboards Overview.

Repeat the same steps to create a report on the Clarizen Milestone Object.

Select the fields that are most relevant to your projects, using the screenshot below as an example.


Step-1A: Add to Customer 360

Go to Gainsight > Administration > C360 Layouts > Click to ‘Add New Section’ and add the following details:

  • Label: Clarizen Project
  • Source: CLZV6BP__Clarizen_Project__c
  • Account ref Fields: CLZV6BP__Clarizen_Customer__c
  • Select the name of the reports that you wish to display  
  • Make sure the show in “Customer360” checkbox is enabled



Click Save.

Repeat steps for reports based on the Clarizen Milestone Object

Refer the article, Configure the Customer360 Details (C360) Page & Section Types, for further instructions.

Step 2: Add Clarizen Roadmaps / Gantt to the C360

Add Roadmap page in Salesforce

In SF, go to Setup → Develop → Visualforce Pages → New

Add the following definition for roadmap page :

<apex:page showHeader="false" sidebar="false">

<CLZV6:ClarizenRoadmap Format="roadmap" ShowSingleWidget="false"></CLZV6:ClarizenRoadmap>



Go to Gainsight > Administration > C360 Layouts > Click to ‘Add New Section’ and add the following details:

  • Label: “Clarizen Roadmap” (or “Gantt”)
  • Type: Embedded Page
  • Page: ClarizenRoadmapEnhanced (or ClarizenGanttEnhanced)
  • Click on “+Parameter”
    • Add the parameter name clzWidget_ParentId and select the id field
    • Add clzWidget_RelationToParent and set the value to :” CLZV6BP__Clarizen_Projects__r”. In an account that has been upgraded from V2 of the Clarizen/Salesforce Integration to V3, the value of the “clzWidget_RelationToParent” should be “clzV5__Clarizen_Projects__r"
  • Make sure the show in “Customer360” checkbox is enabled



Click Save. Now the Roadmaps will appear on the Customer360 page.

Step-3: Add to Gainsight Home Dashboard

Navigate to Gainsight > Administration > Layouts Tile


To create a new Dashboard, click ‘+Add New’ in the top right


Enter desired name of the Dashboard > Click ‘+Add Container’ in the top right to create a container to hold the reports you want to add to your dashboard.

Then, find the reports you previously created under the ‘Clarizen Project’ or ‘Clarizen Milestone’ headers > Drag and drop the desired report from the list (e.g. “All Projects”, “Open Projects” etc.) into the empty container you created


Continue to add containers and reports to build your desired Dashboard; you can combine reports from the Clarizen Project, Clarizen Milestone and any other object on one Dashboard.

Refer the article Configure Gainsight Home Dashboards (aka, Layouts), for further instructions.