What are the use cases that the Clarizen Integration solves?

  • Creates transparency and alignment between the Services and Customer Success Teams
  • Provide visibility into what was implemented and the customer’s experience during Services Engagements
  • Allow the Services team to understand the success of their engagements via the Gainsight Scorecard widget in Clarizen

How do I set it up?

  • A customer must have existing Clarizen and Gainsight subscriptions.
  • Must also purchase Clarizen - Gainsight Integration Licenses - see the Clarizen Apps Marketplace for more details
  • Once the Integration License is purchased, refer Clarizen and Gainsight Integration for Clarizen’s instructions to set up the Gainsight Scorecard Widget in Clarizen and choose to setup any of the seven use cases outlined in Gainsight’s documentation Clarizen: Integration Overview.

How much does the integration cost?

What can I do in Clarizen?

  • View Gainsight’s Scorecard in a widget in your project-plan view
  • Sync Gainsight data into Clarizen to incorporate into Clarizen views and reports

What can I do in Gainsight?

  • Integrate your Clarizen Social Sync with Salesforce Chatter to ensure communications are complete and effective across all teams.
  • Incorporate reports on your Clarizen Projects into the C360 and your existing dashboards to bring the management of the Project into context with all your Customer Success efforts.
  • Use a Feature Checklist to be populated by Sales to indicate what the customer has bought and, once the engagement is complete, updated by Services to show what was implemented.
  • Send an automated and personalized email message to customers when they reach an important Project Milestone or complete their Project.
  • Create a Scorecard measure that represents the state of their current ongoing Project.
  • Initiate a CTA within Gainsight’s Cockpit when a Milestone becomes delayed or a Project goes Off-Track. Use a CTA Playbook to standardize coordination across Services and the Customer Organization to quickly and efficiently organize the appropriate response to get the Project back on-track.

Can I update the Gainsight Scorecard from Clarizen?

  • No, the scorecard is read-only in Clarizen

Can I customize which fields are synced between each system?

  • Yes, you are able to customize which fields you want to sync between Gainsight and Clarizen

Are there any system requirements?

  • Yes, you will need:
  • Salesforce V3 app for Clarizen (from Clarizen Marketplace)
  • Gainsight version 4.25 or later for SalesForce (from SalesForce AppExchange)

What permissions/roles do I need to set up the integration?

  • Clarizen administrator
  • Gainsight administrator
  • SalesForce administrator