What are the use cases that the Azuqua for Gainsight integration solves?

a. Quickly and easily deploy Azuqua’s FLOpacks to maintain data synchronization between your systems - no coding required

b. Enrich your understanding of Customer Success by bringing in all customer data from your source systems into Gainsight

c. Spread the customer insight created in Gainsight to all customer stakeholders in your company

d. Examples of the actions you can take:

  • Capture changes in customer status from your support, marketing, project management, and community apps
  • Capture contacts and contact status from your support, marketing, project management and community apps
  • Publish milestones, CTAs or tasks in Sharepoint or other collaboration apps
  • Update accounts and contacts in your other apps with data from Gainsight
  • Automatically create milestones and CTAs in Gainsight when events of interest occur in other systems
  • Create automatic alerts on time-sensitive updates from Gainsight

How do I get started?

a. Sign up for a free trial of Azuqua for Gainsight by clicking the link Gainsight + Azuqua.

b. This will give you 14 days to try out the integration, at which time you can upgrade to a paid plan on Azuqua and continue using your integrations

c. Engage with an Azuqua CSM to answer your questions and get the most from a trial

What can I do with Azuqua?

Azuqua lets you synchronize Gainsight to your other apps and automate workflow between them without any coding

How does the integration work?

a. Azuqua provides a visual drag-and-drop workflow designer through which you define a trigger for execution (e.g., new customer in Gainsight) and a sequence of actions to be taken (e.g., add organization to Zendesk). Azuqua allows you to connect as many applications in one process as necessary, including logic functions such as: “continue if” and “text matching”

b. To build your Gainsight integrations, simply log in to your Azuqua account and access the Designer by clicking “New FLO”. You can also use the FLOs that are pre-loaded to your account and customize them to fit your needs

c. If you already have an Azuqua account, Click the link Gainsight FLOpack to download the FLOpack

d. If you are new to Azuqua, follow the link Gainsight + Azuqua to get started

Can I synchronize Azuqua to Gainsight’s Matrix Data Architecture (MDA)?

This is currently not supported - Azuqua will only interact with Gainsight objects within Salesforce

How often can my integrations run?

a. Azuqua integrations run every 5 minutes

b. Webhook integrations run in realtime

How am I charged for this integration?

a. Please refer to Azuqua's pricing on their website for the most up-to-date pricing information

b. You can also customize your plan depending on your needs

How can I manage the integration?

a. To manage the integration, you can log into your Azuqua account at any time

b. Azuqua supports reporting on integrations as well as audit logging

c. Azuqua’s visual designer allows you to build and edit any process you’ve set up to connect Gainsight and Azuqua

What happens if the integration fails?

a. Azuqua has built-in error handling that will keep track of successes and failures of each integration you set up within Azuqua

b. You can design error-handling processes that will alert you when important processes fail

c. Azuqua supports replay if an integration failed

What kind of support will I receive?

a. You can access support directly within the Azuqua application via the chat icon, or by emailing support@azuqua.com

b. For free trials and Professional plans, Azuqua provides phone, email and chat support during PT business hours

What systems are supported for integration into Gainsight by Azuqua?

The list is always growing - visit The Azuqua Platform to explore the list of channels.

Where can I see a demo of the functionality?

You can watch this video to see how Gainsight and Azuqua can work together.