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SalesForce Communities FAQs

What are the use cases that Gainsight for Salesforce Communities solves?

Gainsight for Salesforce Communities allows you to extend your Gainsight data and functionality to your business partners to help keep them informed, effective and in sync with your internal teams:

  • Proactively alert partners of important events and trends at their customers

  • Instill best practices through Calls-to-Action and Playbooks

  • Jointly collaborate on long-term account planning with Success Plans

  • Directly communicate with your partners around important customer issues on Salesforce Chatter

What Gainsight data and functionality can I expose in Salesforce Communities?

  • You can expose the Gainsight Widget on the Salesforce Account Page within Communities

  • All of the same sections you can expose within the widget in Sales Cloud you can expose within Communities (NOTE: With the exception of Sponsor Tracking which is not currently supported)

What do I have to do with Salesforce Communities before I can get started?

If you are not already using Community Cloud, you will need to purchase and deploy it from Salesforce. Contact your Salesforce Account Executive to get started.

How much does it cost?

  • Contact your Salesforce Account Executive for Community Cloud pricing.

  • Contact your Gainsight Sales Rep or your Customer Manager for Gainsight pricing. It is sold on per license basis.

How do I enforce access restrictions and permissions?

Because the Gainsight Widget is displayed on the Salesforce Account Page in Communities you can use native Salesforce Account Permissions to restrict access.

What kind of support will I receive?

  • Salesforce or other third-parties would assist/support in the deployment and maintenance of the Community Cloud.

  • Gainsight will assist/support in the deployment and maintenance of the Gainsight Widget.

Can I leverage Gainsight reports in a Salesforce Partner Community, so my partners can see summary views of things like NPS® and customer health across segments?  If not, how would I accomplish this?

  • You can view Gainsight Reports on a per Customer basis by viewing the report within the Gainsight Widget on the account

  • Gainsight Home is currently not supported in Salesforce Communities but we recommend these workarounds:

      a. Configure a dashboard in your internal Gainsight instance and schedule it to be emailed to your partners on a regular basis (See How to Email Dashboards to SFDC Users)

      b. Create and expose Salesforce Reports on Gainsight objects

Can I provide Partners with a Gainsight Cockpit-like view in a Salesforce Partner Community, so they can act on Calls to Action and Tasks I’ve assigned them to across all shared customers in one place?

Cockpit is not currently supported in Salesforce Communities. Partners are able to access CTAs and Tasks on a per customer basis via the Widget.

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