You can now create Relationship CTAs from Cockpit, C360, and the Relationship 360. In addition, under Cockpit, you can search for relationships and group CTAs by Relationships. This functionality is available only if you have enabled Relationships.

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Setting Up Relationships

Creating Relationship CTAs from Cockpit

You can manually create a relationship CTA from Cockpit’s list view:

  1. Navigate to Cockpit > List.

Cockpit > List.png

  1. Click +CTA. Add CTA dialog appears.
  2. Enter the following details:

Add relationship CTA.png

  • Subject: The subject of the relationship CTA being created.
  • Customer: Type the customer name. Customer names matching the entered text appear. Select the appropriate one.
  • Relationship: Type the relationship name for which you want to create the CTA. Relationships matching the entered text appear in the result set. Select the appropriate one.
  • CTA Type: Select the appropriate CTA type.
  • Owner: Type the owner name. Names matching the entered text appear in the result set. Select the appropriate one.
  • Reason: Select the appropriate reason for the relationship CTA.
  • Due Date: The relationship CTA due date.
  • Status: Select the appropriate status for the relationship CTA.
  • Priority: Select the appropriate priority for the relationship CTA.
  • Comments: Any extra information in the form of notes or comments that you would like to add to the relationship CTA.
  • Select a Playbook: Allows you to see available playbooks. After you select a playbook, all tasks inside the playbook are visible at the bottom of the window. Also, you may modify the owner of each playbook task.


  • You cannot modify Playbook/Playbook Tasks while creating a CTA.
  • If you do not select a playbook here, you can still apply a playbook from the CTA detail view. You can also replace the playbook.
  • You can apply a playbook while creating a CTA from the Cockpit tab, Account Widget, Opportunity Widget, Case Widget and C360/R360 Cockpit tab.
  1. Click SAVE, or click SAVE AND NEW to open another dialog to create another CTA. 

Account Name > Relationship Name.png


  • Except for managing Milestones, you can perform all the other operations available in CTAs.
  • You can follow these steps to create a relationship CTA from Calendar view or from the Cockpit Section on Relationship 360 or Customer 360. If you create a CTA from Relationship 360, the Relationship and Customer fields will be pre-populated, whereas when created from the Cockpit section on C360, the customer name is pre-populated.

View Relationship CTAs in Cockpit

The following image portrays how relationship CTAs appear in the Cockpit's List view.


You can also perform a Group By: Relationship to group relationship CTAs.