Tasks are associated with Calls to action and represent the CSM's to-do's which are necessary to address a customer issue. Tasks have slightly different options from CTAs, and Admins can customize the task view which displays in the Cockpit List View and 360 Cockpit sections. To configure Tasks within CTAs, navigate to Administration > Tasks.

General Settings: Task Display Order

Tasks > General Settings.png

In the Cockpit List View, you can display tasks either in their Playbook Order or Due Date.

Detail view layout configuration

By default, the Task detail view displays the Task Priority, Status, Description, and Associated Contact fields, and these can not be modified. You may choose additional fields to display by clicking + FIELD; and click + GROUP to create a new group and add fields in it. Fields may be marked read-only or editable. When you complete the configuration in this section, click SAVE.
Task Detail view layout config..png

Only task object fields can be displayed in the task detail. Similar to the CTA detail view, fields cannot be added to the task object.


Task field mapping configuration

In this section, map Task fields from Gainsight to Salesforce that have the same data type.

  1. Click + FIELD.
  2. Click SAVE. Some fields may be set to editable.
Task Field Mapping Configuration.png
Note: You can also map a custom Task field to a Salesforce field. To create a custom Task field, navigate to Setup > Objects > CSTask > New

Once you click Save, you will receive a notification specifying that the Gainsight tasks have now been synced to the Salesforce tasks based on the new mapping.

Task Mapping and Task Status


Whether or not you sync tasks to Salesforce, you'll want to configure this section to map Gainsight fields to Salesforce fields for future use. In particular, we recommend mapping statuses from SFDC to Gainsight. Syncing brings tasks from Cockpit to the SFDC Account page.

Regarding Task Status: You might want to use Closed-Complete as the Default Closed Status for a scenario where you have closed all tasks of a CTA; whereas, you might want to have Closed-Incomplete as the Default Closed Incomplete Status for a scenario where you may not have closed all the tasks, but still want to close the CTA. You can also have more than two Closed statuses, but they need to be added through SFDC Setup > App Setup > Activities > Task Fields > Task Status Picklist Values.

Mass Edit CTAs and Tasks

Admins can perform mass edits to CTAs and Tasks, if necessary. For more information about how to use Mass Edit, refer to Mass Edit CTAs and Tasks.