Enable Task Syncing

If you have Salesforce users who are also responsible for managing tasks, and they do not have access to Gainsight, you can sync tasks between Salesforce and Gainsight to enable collaboration.

Following are the two methods to enable task syncing:

  1. Admin Method: Admins can automatically sync tasks from Gainsight to Salesforce. Navigate to Administration > Calls to Action > General settings to set Auto-sync task to SFDC as ON. This enables the tasks to sync automatically to Salesforce and also makes these tasks available in both locations.


  • If you have Relationships enabled in your org, you can see the Auto-sync task to SFDC toggle button at the Account and Relationships levels to configure tasks in the respective CTAs.
  • Gainsight recommends you turn Auto-sync task to SFDC on to increase task visibility for non-Gainsight users.
Auto Sync tasks.png
  1. End-user Method: Users can manually sync tasks to Salesforce using the Sync to Salesforce option in Cockpit. Navigate to Cockpit > List View and expand the task list for a CTA. You can click the Sync to Salesforce or Desync from Salesforce option as needed for individual tasks.
Note: When Auto-sync is enabled, notes or comments in the Tasks will sync over to SFDC, but this ability is not available in CTAs.

Contact Syncing

Contact sync is enabled while syncing Gainsight tasks to Salesforce tasks. If a contact is linked to a Gainsight task or CTA, then while syncing the task to SFDC, the contact is also synced to SFDC in the SFDC Task's 'Name' field. The sync behavior differs when multiple contacts are enabled versus when multiple contacts are NOT enabled in Salesforce ([Setup > Activity Settings > select the Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events check box]).

Contact Sync.png

When the multiple contacts option is NOT enabled in Salesforce:

  • While syncing, the system checks if there is a contact associated with a task and syncs that contact to SFDC. If not, the contacts associated with the CTA are synced. This behavior is honored for subsequent changes as well.
  • If the Gainsight Task has three associated contacts (for example), the Salesforce Task will have only one contact (the latest contact).
    • If the Salesforce Task's WhoId is changed, then in the Gainsight Task the contact will only be appended.
    • If the Salesforce Task's WhoId is removed, the Gainsight Task will not change, but if it is synced back to the Salesforce Task, the latest contact is set as WhoId in the Salesforce Task.

When the multiple contacts option is enabled in Salesforce:

  • If the Gainsight Task has three associated contacts (for example), the Salesforce Task will also have three contacts. If the primary contact is changed in the Salesforce task, and it is not available in the Gainsight task's contacts list, then it is synced back to the Gainsight task. If any secondary contact is added or deleted in the Salesforce task, the same will not be reflected in the Gainsight task. But, if additional contacts are added to the Gainsight task, then the Salesforce task's contacts list is appended.

Note: For email assist tasks, only the contacts to which email has been sent are synced to SFDC. 

Salesforce Activities

For the users who have a valid 'Salesforce' or 'Salesforce Platform' license with no access to Gainsight, if a task is created in Gainsight and assigned to that user, then the user can access the task in Salesforce. However, these users cannot see the CTA details in Salesforce and they do not receive any notifications on assigning the tasks.

There are two locations to access tasks in Salesforce:   

  • SFDC Home page, My Tasks section.  
  • In customer’s Account page, Open Activities section.

To view Gainsight tasks on the customer’s account page:

  1. Click Accounts tab.
  2. Search for and/or click an account name.
  1. On the Accounts page, click Open Activities. All the tasks related to the account are displayed.

Modify Task Detail View

You can add or remove fields from the Gainsight task detail view.

Perform the following steps to add or remove fields:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Tasks.
  2. In the Detail View Layout Configuration section, add a field or a group of fields.
Task detail view config.png
  1. Click + FIELD to add a new field to the task detail view layout.
  2. Enter the name of the field. You can also select from the list of available fields.
  3. Click + GROUP to add a group of fields to the task detail view layout.
  4. Click SAVE. Navigate to Cockpit and click a CTA task to view the newly added field. The newly added Fields and Groups appear in tasks assigned from Playbooks also.

The following image shows how a default field (for example, Due Date) appears in the task detail view.

Task Detail View.png

Add Custom Fields to Gainsight tasks

You can configure Gainsight tasks to contain custom fields. The following procedure walks you through adding a checkbox to a Gainsight task. For example, whenever a CSM meets with the customer, a checkbox could be used to indicate the type of meeting. The type of meetings can be Major Milestone, Information Gathering, and so on. Similarly, you can configure Gainsight tasks to include other custom fields.

Perform the following steps to add a checkbox field to a Gainsight task:

  1. Edit the CSTask object in Salesforce:
    1. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages.
    2. Click Gainsight CSM.
    3. Click View Components.
    4. Click CSTask.
    5. Go to Custom Fields and Relationships.
    6. Click New.
    7. Select Checkbox and configure the fields as required.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Task > Detail view layout configuration, and click + FIELD.
  3. Add the checkbox and keep it unchecked
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Scroll down to Task field mapping configuration section, to add your checkbox field.
  6. Click + FIELD.
  7. Select the required field from the Gainsight fields dropdown list and sync it with the required field from the Salesforce fields dropdown list, and keep the checkbox unchecked.

Note: You cannot sync Lookup field on CS Task Object to Salesforce Task object (eg., Related To ID, Task Type)
By default, when syncing Related To ID will be populated with AccountID always.

Task sync.png

  1. After the field is added, click SAVE. You can view the checkbox in the task detail view in Cockpit. If the CSMs select the checkbox in Gainsight and sync to Salesforce, the field will appear in Salesforce also. 

Sync Playbooks to Salesforce

For users who have permission to create Playbooks, you can choose to sync the tasks associated with it to Salesforce. This feature is introduced to enable non-Gainsight users to have access to the tasks created in Gainsight app. Once the sync is turned on at the Playbook level, all the associated tasks are synced to Salesforce. Also, you can choose to turn the sync off at the playbook level and sync individual tasks to Salesforce.

Sync Playbooks to Salesforce.gif