A Gainsight Administrator can now assign the following playbook permissions: Create, Edit, and Delete, to a Gainsight user. For example, to allow a user to modify playbooks/playbook tasks, you must assign Create and Edit permissions to the user.

Note: By default, playbook permissions are switched off, meaning all users will continue to have full access to Playbooks until the Admin turns on Playbook permissions and assigns permissions to users.

Assign Playbook Permissions

To assign playbook permissions:

1. Go to Administration > Playbook Permissions and switch Enable Playbook Permissions to ON.


2. Click on the + icon beside Add user; then enter the user’s name in the search box and press enter.

3. Select the playbook permissions that you want to assign to the added user (Create, Edit, or Delete). For example, in the following image, we are assigning Create and Edit permissions to Phillip Miller.


4. Click Save.

Create Permission: This permission allows the user to create a playbook or a task. In addition, the user can also duplicate playbooks. When this permission is selected, by default, the Edit permission also gets selected. You can clear the Edit checkbox if required.

Edit Permission: Edit allows the user to edit a playbook or a task.

Delete Permission: The user can delete a playbook or a task.

You can assign all or one of the above-mentioned permissions to a user.

Note: After assigning permissions, if you are still unable to view Playbooks in Cockpit, disable the ad-blockers, used if any.