This article contains questions that relate to how Gainsight and SFDC functionality work together.

How does Gainsight work with SFDC's new Associate a Contact with Multiple Accounts feature?

Salesforce has added a new object called Account Contact Relationship, which has look-ups to both Accounts and Contacts. This is available so that one Contact record can technically be associated with multiple Account records. Only one Account is marked primary and the rest are secondary.

Once the feature is turned on, all existing Contacts are copied over to this new object and linked to the corresponding Contacts and Accounts. 

To add/edit these Relationships, new related lists have to be added to Contact and Account page layouts in Salesforce. And new sections and reports have to be added to our Customer 360. As the Account Contact Relationship is just another SFDC object, it will work as usual with Reports, Rules, Journey Orchestrator, etc.

How many full access and limited access Gainsight licenses do I have in my organization?

You can see how many licenses you have, and how many are being used, via the Gainsight app installation (Salesforce Settings > Installed Packages > Gainsight CSM). However, this is not broken out into full vs. limited licenses. The closest you can get is by looking at the Permission Set assignments. For example, you can look at who has been assigned the 'limited' view by going to Salesforce Settings -> Permission Sets -> Gainsight Limited -> Manage Assignments. If you need additional information, we recommend reaching out to your Customer Success contact at Gainsight.

Can I mass update/add customer info in Gainsight?

Yes, you can use a tool such as the Apex Dataloader or DemandTools to load to the Customer_info object. One thing to note is you will need to map to the Gainsight ID not the SFDC ID. 

What kind of multiple currency support is available in Gainsight?

Gainsight supports multiple currencies to an extent:

1) Your SFDC environment needs to have multi-currency switched on, since Gainsight inherits these from SFDC.

2) In any report, we can show currency in dollars or other currency. For example, you can have a table of account with ARR, some are in the $$, some in Euros, etc. However, if the table is aggregated, we will convert all currencies to the Corporate currency. (Dated exchange rates only apply to the Opportunity object based on Opportunity close date and do not apply to any other object.)

3) In Cockpit, we will also show multi-currency based on the values in the records currency, but the symbol displayed will be the Corporate currency symbol.

How will I be notified of Gainsight product maintenance & incidents?

To be notified of Gainsight maintenance and incidents, please follow the page. You can also follow Community Product News & Updates for information on upcoming releases.