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Gainsight's Impact on SFDC Metadata

This article explains the impact on SFDC metadata when the Gainsight managed app is installed in a SFDC org.

Account Object

A custom field called “CustomerInfo_c” is added during the Gainsight managed package initialization. This field is used to identify whether an account is a customer or not. In other words, only the records with CustomerInfo_c set to true will have a 1:1 reference to Gainsight’s customer object (Customer Info).

Salesforce Task Object

A Salesforce trigger is enabled on the Task object to update the Task count on the Call To Action record. This trigger is enabled when a customer enables the "Auto Sync to Tasks to SFDC" feature in the Administration > CTA page. When "Auto Sync Tasks to SFDC" is enabled, Gainsight depends on the "View Setup and Configuration" permission in  Manage Users > Permission Sets > System Permissions to create tasks in the SFDC object. Oauth user must have this permission included in their profile set.

Scorecards 1.0 - Saving Scorecard History

This action creates one new field in the Gainsight Usage Data object per Scorecard metric (this object is our managed package object in the platform).

This occurs when the checkbox is selected in Scorecards 1.0 setup to store history. This step should be executed by a SFDC admin.

Saving Scorecard History.png

Note: This step is not required in Scorecards 2.0, as Scorecard 2.0 uses MDA to store this information.

Linked Objects in CTAs

If you choose to link objects in SFDC, it requires a field on the Gainsight CTA object (this object is our managed package object in platform). This is performed in the CTA configuration, and won't work unless executed by someone with permission to create SFDC fields. Refer to the Configure CTA Linked Objects article for more information.

MDA authorized

You do NOT need Gainsight’s MDA to be authorized by a SFDC system administrator. For the custom profile who authorizes Gainsight, the following permissions are needed:

  • Customize Applications
  • API Enabled
  • View Setup and Configuration
  • Manage Package Licenses

Gainsight Relationships

The Gainsight Relationships functionality stores a record in the Gainsight Relationship (GS Relationship) object. Fields are created on this object to help manage a customer's relationship records effectively.

Gainsight Special Permission Set

Gainsight’s Rules Engine has the ability to update SFDC records. This functionality is locked into a single visualforce page, and is only available to a user with the Gainsight permission set. If no user is assigned the Gainsight special permission set, the Rules Engine will not be able to update any SFDC records.

Gainsight Special Permission Set.jpg


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