This spreadsheet contains detailed information on permission sets in Gainsight and SFDC, our default permissions, plus specifics about which profiles have access to which features, classes, pages, and objects.


Common in the Features column (of the Master worksheet) means that the permissions are applicable for both the Administrator and the User (CSM).


  • For Administrator/User, you must have access (at least read/view access) to the objects and pages that fall under the Common feature.
  • You must have access to all the classes.
  • If you assign certain permissions to a particular object, you must assign the same permissions to its standard fields and custom fields, as required. For example, if you assign read access on CustomerInfo, you must also assign read access to the CustomerInfo standard fields and custom fields, as required.
  • You must assign JBCXM and any of your desired permission set to a user or admin. For example, you must assign JBCXM and Admin, JBCXM and Standard, or JBCXM and readonly permission sets.
  • Please refer to the Permission Sets in Gainsight and SFDC Permissions worksheet before assigning permissions.


The following example describes how to assign permissions to Cockpit:

1. From the Master worksheet, first assign permissions to all the Common features.

2. Apply appropriate filters on features to display Cockpit features (you may also select Cockpit-Admin, if Admin permissions are to be assigned to the user).

3. For each of the Cockpit rows under the Feature column, assign JBCXM and Admin/Standard/Readonly, as applicable.

Things to Remember

The Master worksheet contains the default permissions that Gainsight ships.

Permission Sets

When Gainsight is installed in your Salesforce environment, you will see 5 default permissions sets that come with the package.

NOTE: The standard permission sets are not editable. This is a SFDC limitation. If you would like custom versions of these permission sets, we recommend cloning the existing permission set and making the necessary modifications. You will need to give this cloned permission set a different name than the standard one. The following sections contain a high-level summary of the default permission sets in Gainsight.

Default Permission Sets

The default permissions sets can be used to easily assign the appropriate Gainsight permissions to users or profiles. Each time Gainsight puts out a new release the standard permission sets will be updated to give access to new objects, fields, apex classes and visualforce pages.

In order for a user to access Gainsight they will need to be assigned a Gainsight License and the appropriate permissions. To learn more about assigning a Gainsight license click here.

Gainsight Admin

This permissions set gives access to the following:

  • All Gainsight Objects in use and fields (including CustomerInfo field on Account object) - ViewAll and ModifyAll
  • Apex Classes and Visualforce Pages.

JBCXM GS Permission

Used to give access to Gainsight objects that have a master detail relation with Account.

Gainsight Standard

This permission set gives access to all the Gainsight Objects (Read, Create, Edit, Delete), Apex Classes and Visualforce Pages, except for the Admin pages.

Gainsight Limited

This permission set gives access to the Account/Opportunity widgets, which includes the ability to create/edit/view permissions for Timeline. If reports, scorecard and milestones are added to the Account widget, the user will see these too, but it does not provide access to the full C360. 

Gainsight Viewer

Users with this Permission Set are automatically assigned with the Viewer license type in Gainsight. It provides read-only access to Gainsight Data including access to the Account/Opportunity widgets, and the ability to add or edit entries to the Timeline.
Users can access Gainsight information through several channels including Sally the Gainsight Bot, Shared 360, Shared Dashboards, and Adoption Explorer. For more information about the Gainsight Viewer permissions, refer to Gainsight Viewer Licenses and Viewer Permission Sets.

Gainsight Viewer Analytics

Users with this Permission Set are automatically assigned with Viewer+ Analytics license in Gainsight. In addition to the features accessed by Viewer licensed users, Viewer+ Analytics licensed users will be able to access insights about the customer base through Horizon Analytics Dashboards, CX Center (if purchased) and Renewal Center’s Analyze View (if purchased).

Gainsight Special

This permission set gives the user access to the Permissions Load Action option in Rules Engine page and to access Administration > Users List page

Note: It is recommended that when assigning permissions to a user, you assign Gainsight Admin and JBCXM GS Permissions, Gainsight Standard and JBCXM GS Permissions, or Gainsight Limited and JBCXM GS Permissions. Optionally, you can also assign Gainsight Special to user for managing rules.

Permission Set in Gainsight Gainsight License Name User Type
JBCXM GS Permission N/A All Users
GS Admin Operations Admins
Gainsight Standard Platform End users
Gainsight Special N/A Rules Engine user only
Gainsight Limited Limited Account/Opportunity widget users
Gainsight Viewer License View Only Team View User
N/A Viewer - Service Cloud Service Cloud users
(More info)
N/A Viewer - Zendesk Zendesk widget users
(More info)

Gainsight for Salesforce Communities

Because the Gainsight Widget is displayed on the Salesforce Account Page in Communities, you can use native Salesforce Account Permissions to restrict access.

Access Permission Sets

Access Permission Sets

To access the permissions sets you will:

Click Setup in the upper right hand corner. Filter on the left hand side for Permission and click on Permission Sets under "Manage Users".


How To Assign A Permission Set

How To Assign A Permission Set

Choose Manage Assignments.


Choose Add Assignments which will allow you to assign this Permission Set to users.


Select the users who you would like to assign the Permission Set of View Only and click the "Assign" button.


Once you have successfully assigned the Permission Set, you will receive this message showing it was added to the selected user(s).

Please note that permission sets can be used to add permissions to a user or profile but cannot be used to take permissions away. If a user belongs to a profile that has Gainsight Admin Rights, applying the Gainsight Standard permission set will not take the admin rights away. In order to do this you will need to edit the profile and remove those rights at the profile level.

Best Practice for Assigning Permissions

When assigning permissions to a Gainsight Standard, Admin, or Viewer user the best practice will be to assign the Gainsight Standard/Gainsight Admin/Gainsight Limited permission set and the JBCXM GS Permission sets.

Note: You will want to edit the JBCXM GS Permission set to include any tabs you want your standard users to have turned on by default. In addition you will need to go to Assigned Apps and enable JBCXM.Gainsight.

Best Practice for Admin User Setup

When assigning permissions to an Admin Gainsight user the best practice will be to

  1. Assign the Gainsight Admin permission set
  2. Clone the JBCXM GS Permission set and call it JBCXM ADMIN GS Permission and assign JBCXM ADMIN GS Permission

Note: You can edit the JBCXM GS ADMIN Permission set to include access to the Administration Tab.