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Multi-Currency Impact on Renewal Center

This article explains the impacts on Renewal Center after enabling Multi-Currency. 


Renewal Center honors Multi-Currency at two levels; User level and Global level. If Default Currency is assigned to a user in the User Management page, all the currency fields in the Analyze tab are displayed in the default currency to a specific user. If Default Currency is not set, Corporate currency is used in all the Currency fields. For more information on Default Currency, refer to the Default Currency section in the Configure Multi-Currency Support article mentioned in the Additional Resources section.

In the following image, USD is the Default Currency. In the Analyze tab, all the currency values are summarized and converted to USD (default currency).

Multi Currency RC 1.png

In the Forecast tab, values are displayed at the record level. If the currency ISO code field for an Opportunity is set to be GBP, all the currency values for that Opportunity are displayed in GBP. If the currency ISO code for a company record is set to be USD, and the currency ISO code for an Opportunity specific to that company is set to be GBP, the currency fields in the Opportunity display values in GBP, and the currency type fields from the Company object display in USD.


When you sort or filter data in the Forecast tab, sorting or filtering is done only on the numeric values. The currency associated with the number is not taken into consideration. 

To filter or sort data based on a specific currency, you must include the Currency ISO Code field in the List View from the Renewal Center admin page. Once this is done, end users can use this field to filter by currency values.

Sorting and Filtering.png

Opportunity Detail View

When you create a new Opportunity or open the detail view for an existing opportunity, the currency data type fields display the values in the Opportunity’s currency. Apart from displaying the value in Opportunity’s Currency, Renewal Center also converts the Currency code to the Default Currency of the Logged in user and displays it in brackets.

In the following image, USD is the Opportunity currency for the record, but GBP is the Default Currency for the user.

Opportunity Detail View.png

If you have the Currency ISO Code field included in the Detail View, end users can change the currency ISO code from this field. By default, the Currency ISO code field shows the Opportunity currency. If you change the Currency ISO code field to another currency, all the currency type fields display values in the selected currency. These values are auto-converted and displayed in the Default currency or Corporate currency, in parenthesis. If you change the Currency ISO code field to the user's default currency or corporate currency, there will be no converted value in parenthesis since the values are already available in default currency or corporate currency.  

If an Opportunity is created in a currency that is not available in Salesforce, the Opportunity cannot be saved. In such scenarios, you must first create the equivalent currency code in Salesforce.

Opportunity Sync Job Mapping

Once an admin enabled Multi-Currency in Gainsight, the end user should enable Multi-Currency in Salesforce and update the Opportunity_Sync Job mapping. The user should map the Salesforce Opportunity currency ISO code column to Gainsight Opportunity currency ISO code column. For more information, refer to the Salesforce Connector Jobs for Renewal Management article.

To perform the mapping:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Connectors 2.0
  2. Click the DATA JOBS tab and expand the Data Source and Field Mappings dropdown. 
  3. Map the Salesforce Opportunity Currency ISO Code column to Gainsight Opportunity Currency ISO Code column.

SFDC Connector Opp Sync Job.png

Inactive Currencies

If a user’s Default Currency is set to inactive, Renewal Center continues to display currency values in the default currency and users can update these values as well. However, users cannot create new opportunities or ingest any currency data in the inactive currency. Admin must change the default currency to an active currency to enable users create new opportunities in the default currency.