Tracking and analyzing what a customer has purchased and at what price is critical to understanding the value and importance of a customer. This info can also help determine if there are upsell opportunities with customers.  

LRM Data

LRM 2.0 allows you to bring in the following types of revenue information at the customer level, and optionally at the product level, from any standard or custom object in Salesforce into Gainsight for better visualization:

1. Recurring revenue, such as annual or monthly subscription fees

2. One time fees, such as activation or training or implementation

Along with other contract details like:

3. Number of user licenses or API limits or Database size provisioned

4. Booking date, Start date, End date and Renewal date

LRM Reporting

This information is summarized at the customer and at the product level, which enables you to:

  1. Build reports on transactions data and analyze

  2. Visualize this info per customer in the C360 via the standard ‘Transaction’ and ‘Summary’ sections
  • Display a summary of key metrics like current ARR, next renewal date and License provisioned by adding these to the summary section.

  • In transactions section, review the timeline view to understand what was sold when and for how much, in addition to other reports from the report builder.