The following are some common customer questions about our LRM 2.0 functionality, and their answers:

Does this feature show up in every customer's instance of Gainsight? Or, do customers need to purchase it in order for it to be turned on? 

The feature technically does show up in everyone's package, but it needs to be purchased for it to be turned on.

What is the process for delivering the "Transactions" feature? 

There's an implementation process that's required to get the Transactions feature up and running. It typically involves: 1) Customer identifies and vets source of financial data to be loaded into transactions, 2) GS Services helps customer do initial setup and load transaction history, 3) GS Services helps customer set up ongoing rules to populate transactions.

Transactions work with data in SFDC, not from external systems. If your transactions data is not in SFDC, you may need to bring it into SFDC, and then use LRM config to get data into Gainsight. 

For non-SFDC users, depending on what you want to do with the financials information, it may make sense to stage it in MDA. Then you could create reports off the data in MDA, and use Rules to push the information back to the Customer Info record.

Is the "Transactions" section on C360 the same as LRM? 


How does it change a customer's implementation plan?

It may add time and effort to the implementation plan.

What are the fees for this feature?

Contact your Gainsight Representative for pricing of this feature.