If you find that you are not receiving Notifications from Gainsight when you believe you should be, it’s possible the scheduling feature that triggers these notifications is not running properly. The “Gainsight Real Time Scheduler” needs to be scheduled to run in the future in order for it to run properly.

Checking the Gainsight Real Time Scheduler:

1. Navigate to SFDC Setup, and search for Scheduled jobs.

2. Within the list of scheduled jobs, search for the real time scheduler job (you will want to select this even if it is not currently scheduled to run).

3. Check the date of the next scheduled run for the job. If the next run shows a past date, then the scheduler will prevent you from receiving notifications.


1. Navigate to to Administration > Notifications.

2. Disable and enable the notifications:

3. On the right-hand column, search for Scheduled jobs.

4. Sort and Search for the real time scheduler job.

5. If the steps were completed correctly, this job should show a future date.

If the Scheduler is showing a future date, it should now be configured properly and you should begin receiving Notifications.