The Features tab helps you create a list of products and their associated features. This list then appears on the C360 page, which can help you manage and track the products and features used by a customer, and whether they are Licensed/Enabled. In addition, you can use the rules engine to manage (Selecting Licensed/Enabled checkbox) the list of products and features under the Features tab using the Load to Feature Action type.

This feature is most commonly used to view the current status of products and features for a customer, and determine if there is an opportunity for upsell based on the usage data.

Note: Before performing the procedure, you must enable the Features section at Administration > C360 Layouts > [click edit on the relevant Layout] > click the edit icon on the Features section, then select Show in Customer360.


To create a list of products and their features:

  1. Go to Administration > Product Features.
  1. Under Product Features, click New; then enter the following details:
  • Feature Name: The feature name
  • Product Name: Select an existing product name or click + to add a new product.
  • System Name: The feature name that will appear in the system.
  1. Click Save to save the entered feature. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add additional features and products, if any.
  2. Enter the name of a customer in the customer search bar on any page, click to navigate to the Customer360, and scroll or click the Features section. If you are performing this procedure for the first time, you will not see any data in the Features section. Click Edit Features to select products and features that have been enabled for a customer. In addition, you can enter comments, if any.
  1. Click Save. The following is how the Features section in the C360 appears once the end user selects products and their features.

To automate the process of selecting features for a customer, you can use the Load to Feature Action Type for selecting Licensed and Enabled checkboxes automatically based on the condition defined while creating rules.

Tutorial: Load To Feature

This tutorial helps you understand how to use the Load to Feature action type in the rules engine, which can help you view licenses (enabled/disabled) of different editions, and figure out if there is an upsell opportunity. The Load to Feature option enables you to load data about your product’s versions and features, and then using the Load to Usage action type, you can load customer information about which features they have licensed, are enabled, or are being used into Gainsight.


This tutorial assumes that you have 4 editions and 8 features that spread across 3 products.

The following table describes features that are available with each edition:


The following table describes features that are available which each product:



We are assuming that feature usage data is available based on Product and Editions.

To use Load To Feature:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine > + Rule.
  2. Enter the following details:
  • Rule Type: Select Custom
  • Rule For: Select Account.
  • Rule Name: Enter Load basic edition features from Opportunities.
  • Description: Enter Load basic edition features from Opportunities
  1. Click Next.

4. Under Setup Rule, drag and drop fields in the following sections:

  • Show:
    • Opportunity::Account ID
    • Opportunity::Edition purchased
  • Filters:
    • A: Opportunity::Edition purchased equal to Basic.
    • B: Opportunity::Stage equal to Closed Won.
    • C: Opportunity::Last Modified Date greater than Subtract N Days from Rule Date followed by a value 2.
  • Ensure that you select Apply to Gainsight customer only.

5. Select “Load to Feature,” and under Setup Action, select the following values:

  • Product: select Product 1.
  • Feature: select Feature 1.
  • Licensed: select Constant; then from the drop-down box select Licensed.

6. Click + Action and enter the following details:

  • Product: select Product 1.
  • Feature: select Feature 2.
  • Licensed: select Constant; then from the drop-down box select Licensed.

Info: Steps 5 and 6 retrieve features that belong to their respective edition and product, which is based on the tables mentioned in the Assumption section.


7. Click Run Now; then enter the following details and click Run.

  • Rule Date: The date on which you want to run the rule. By default, this field contains the current date.
  • Test Run: Select this checkbox to perform a test run of the rule you just created.
  • Send a copy of Rule Result email to: Enter email ID(s) to whom you would like to send a copy of the rule result.

8. Perform steps 5, 6, and 7 for remaining editions based on the table mentioned in the Assumptions section. For example, you can perform steps that are similar to steps 5, 6, and 7 for Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.



9. Create a rule for loading usage data of each feature and run it. The Setup Rule page of this rule must contain the following fields in Show and Filters sections:

  • Show:

Usage Data::Account, Usage Data::SUM of Feature 1,Usage Data::SUM of Feature 2, Usage Data::SUM of Feature 3, Usage Data::SUM of Feature 4, Usage Data::SUM of Feature 5, Usage Data::SUM of Feature 6, Usage Data::SUM of Feature 7, Usage Data::SUM of Feature 8

  • Filters:

Usage Data::Week Label less than or equal to Last Day of Previous  Month.

Info: This rule helps you fetch usage data of each feature.



10. Create a rule for identifying upsell opportunity and run it. The Setup Rule page of this rule must contain the following fields in Show and Filters sections:

  • Show:

Customer Features::Features Name, Customer Features:: Account, Customer Features::Product, Customer Features:: Customer Features Name

  • Filters: (apply the following filters)

A: Customer Features::Licensed equals (do not select the checkbox)

B: Customer Features:: Enabled (select the checkbox)

Info: The selection of checkbox indicates the value as TRUE when selected. Otherwise, the value is FALSE. This rule helps you fetch customers for whom the product feature is enabled, but not licensed.


11. Navigate to Customers > [Click on an existing customer] > C360 > Features section. You can see features that have been Licensed and Enabled for the selected customer. In the below image you can see that Feature 7 and 8 are enabled. However, they are not licensed. Therefore, we have an upsell opportunity here.