This article will walk you through the steps to revoke and reauthorize OAuth access for the Gainsight app.

Connected Apps OAuth Usage

Connected Apps OAuth Usage

Navigate to Setup > Connected Apps OAuth Usage.

Find Gainsight App in the list of connected apps.  Click on the number that shows how many users have authenticated.  This number can be higher than 1 in some cases.

Click the Revoke All button to revoke all OAuth connections for the Gainsight App.

Reauthorize the Gainsight App

Reauthorizing the Gainsight App

Navigate to the Administration tab > Connectors

Revoke MDA Authorization from “Connectors”

auth revoke.png

On the Authorize MDA tab, click Revoke. This will fully revoke the MDA authorization and turn off the MDA.

Note: If changing OAuth user profile, make sure the new OAuth user has the "Manage Package Licenses" permission enabled in SFDC. Refer to Gainsight and SFDC Permission Sets for more information on enabling permissions.

OAuth User Permissions

Before reauthorizing MDA, ensure that the OAuth user has the following permissions in Salesforce:

  • Salesforce standard user license and permissions
  • Install Gainsight License
  • Manage package licenses
  • Gainight Admin and the JBCXM Gainsight permissions are enabled
  • API Enabled
  • "Customize Application" setting enabled to create fields on the GS Relationship, Usage Data objects during configurations.

Reauthorize MDA

1. Navigate to Administration > MDA Services.

2. Edit the checkboxes under Matrix Data Architecture Settings to uncheck, and then recheck each of them. This will refresh the settings under the new OAuth user.


3. Navigate to Administration > Connectors.

4. Turn the Authorize MDA button to on in order to reauthorize the MDA with the proper user's permissions.

Reauthorize MDA
5. Ensure that the “Authorize” button is selected.  Selecting this will prompt a pop-up that will ask you to allow permission to the Salesforce org. For more information regarding this process, refer to Authorize Matrix Data Platform (MDA).

authorize mda.png

Supplementary Steps

After completing an OAuth reathorization, there are several supplemental steps you can take to refresh functions dependent on OAuth access. These steps are not required to complete an OAuth Authorization, but they ensure each process has been verified to work under the new OAuth user.

  1. Verify OAuth Authorization for the correct user.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Email Configuration and initiate a refresh of the Survey Email Setting by turning it off and back on again. Snip20180817_48.png
  3. Navigate to Administration > Notifications and initiate a refresh of the Notifications service by turning it off and back on again. Refer to Configuring Email Notifications or My Notification Settings for more information on completing this process.
  4. Navigate to Administration > Gainsight Connect and run each connector as the OAuth user. Ensure that each connector completes successfully and pulls back information. Refer to Gainsight Connect for more information on completing this process.