Supported Salesforce Editions

Gainsight can be installed into the following Salesforce editions:

  1. Developer Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition
  3. Higher Editions that have been recently released

Note: We do not support the professional edition.


Chatter is a prerequisite for installation. Chatter will need to be enabled in order to Install Gainsight into Salesforce.

Note: Once chatter is enabled, it cannot be disabled as Gainsight's internal components refer to chatter components.

Operating System and Browser Compatibility Matrix

In terms of operating systems, and browser compatibility, typically Gainsight supports whatever Salesforce supports. In general, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser to access the Gainsight app, and we do not support Internet Explorer.

TLS encryption support

Gainsight has certified that both TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 encryption work in the Gainsight application. For more information, see this salesforce article.