Gainsight Config Snapshot helps you export and download an Excel sheet of your current Gainsight configuration. The export includes lists of objects, fields, Relationship Types, Custom Rules, Power Lists, and Outreaches.


  • The 360 view of a relationship (Fields, Sections, and Linked Object associated with relationships 360 view) cannot be exported.
  • The Get Link is only available for 1 hour.
  • Bionic Rules are not yet available in the Config Snapshot.

To obtain the existing Gainsight configuration:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Config Snapshot.
  3. Enter the snapshot name in Name.
  1. Click GENERATE. It will take a few minutes for the download to be generated, and in the meantime the status will say Pending. Gainsight will send you an email when the download is available. After the Excel sheet is generated, GET LINK appears.
  2. Click GET LINK, which changes to DOWNLOAD.
  1. Click DOWNLOAD to download the Excel sheet that contains the existing Gainsight configuration.

Sample Export

The following image shows what a sample export looks like.