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Gainsight Inc.

Gainsight's CS (SFDC) Release Process


Gainsight releases new functionality approximately once every six weeks. In addition, we also periodically release patches and emergency fixes. The planned release schedule is available below, and any Maintenance & Incident updates are posted on We recommend subscribing to the status page, and following the Community Product News & Updates category in order to receive updates.

Occasionally, a planned feature will be moved to a future release, in order to deliver the highest quality product. We will communicate the changes via the Community.

Note: For the NXT upgrade process and calendar, please click here.

Release Timing & Queue Impact

Gainsight releases are pushed on the following schedule:

  • SFDC Major / Patch releases: Tuesdays between 6 AM — 11 AM UTC

  • MDA - US Major / Patch releases: Saturdays between 3 AM — 7 AM UTC

  • MDA - EU Major / Patch releases: Saturdays between 3 AM — 7 AM UTC or  weekdays between 2 AM UTC until 6 AM UTC 

  • Hotfixes: due to the urgent nature of hotfixes, they may be released on any day of the week, but usually before 10:30 AM UTC. Hotfixes occur infrequently.

For information on whether the rules engine, data processing or data ingestion queues will be impacted by a given release, please subscribe to for updates regarding our US region, or for our EU region.

2021 Release Calendar

The following schedule may have slight changes to dates and release versions as the year progresses.

Release Version 

Sandbox Org Upgrade*

Production Org Upgrade

6.21 Feb. 2, 2021 Feb 2, 2021
6.22 Mar 02, 2021 Mar 02, 2021
6.23 Apr 20, 2021 Apr 20, 2021
6.25* June  1, 2021 June 1, 2021
*NoteWe’ve released a managed package for an internal release which mandated a new major version [6.24]. Hence, we moved from 6.23 to v 6.25 for customers. Please note that the V6.24 didn’t have any impact on the customer orgs.
6.26 Jul  06, 2021 Jul 06, 2021
6.27 Aug 17, 2021 Aug 17, 2021
6.28 Sept 28, 2021 Sept 28, 2021
6.29 Nov 09, 2021 Nov 09, 2021
6.30 Dec 21, 2021 Dec 21, 2021

Automatic SFDC Upgrades and Opt-outs

Gainsight uses a “push approach” to upgrade customer instances - meaning Gainsight initiates the upgrade on specific scheduled release or patch dates. Most Gainsight customers receive automatic upgrades to their sandbox and/or production orgs on the scheduled release dates. However, if your organization needs to opt-out of the automatic upgrade process, please notify and provide your production Salesforce Org ID.

We strongly recommend staying current with Gainsight’s releases; and at a minimum, we suggest you avoid getting behind by more than one release.

If you opt-out of upgrades, we’ll notify you by email of a planned release one week prior to the production release. When you’re ready to upgrade, please contact and include your Salesforce Org ID. Our support team will work with you to perform the upgrade. (Note: please allow 2 business days lead time.)

Release patches and emergency fixes also respect your org’s opt-out settings.

Automatic MDA Upgrades

In addition to SFDC releases, Gainsight also releases upgrades to the MDA. It’s not possible to opt-out of MDA upgrades.

Major upgrades on the MDA require Gainsight to pause processing the scheduled backend requests (Ex: Rules execution, data load jobs, or Journey Orchestrator emails) for 2 - 4 hours typically. During this time, the Gainsight application is still accessible and can read and present the data in Reports, Scorecards, and Dashboards. We announce scheduled MDA releases in advance at, and you can “Subscribe to updates” to receive email or SMS notifications. Occasionally, we apply hotfixes/emergency fixes on the MDA. Often, an MDA patch is a prerequisite for a SFDC side upgrade.

Sandbox Upgrades

Some Gainsight customers maintain Sandbox orgs. Gainsight automatically upgrades Sandbox orgs with the nearly final release approximately two weeks before the production release. If your organization needs to opt-out of the Sandbox automatic upgrade process, please notify and provide your Sandbox Salesforce Org ID(s).

If you have recently performed a full refresh on a Sandbox org, please send the new Salesforce Org ID. We’ve found that when there is a full refresh of a Sandbox org, the org ID will change. The Salesforce Org ID is generally how we track opt-out requests.


  • Two weeks prior to the production release, we email all Admins, Adoption Champions, Executive Sponsors, etc., with a summary of the upcoming features and key release dates.

  • On the day of the Sandbox upgrade, we post an in-app message on the Admin page announcing the upgrade and sharing a link to draft release notes.

  • On the day of the production release, we send another email with links to new support articles and our finalized release notes, as well as make an in-app announcement with the same info.

Product Roadmap & Feedback

At any time, you can submit product feedback through Gainsight’s Community. Our product team frequently reviews and comments on customer questions and suggestions. You can also vote for other member’s ideas, and our team will take this into consideration when prioritizing enhancements.

About once per quarter, our product leadership holds a roadmap webinar for customers where we share Gainsight’s CS product development plans. In May, the roadmap presentation is held live at our US Pulse conference. Webinar invitations are typically sent 2 to 3 weeks in advance.