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Email Assist Module Object

Some of the most important MDA objects used in the Email Assist module are described here. For more information on other SFDC and MDA Objects used in different modules, refer to Gainsight Object Glossary.

Email Logs Object 

This object is used in Journey Orchestrator, Advanced Outreaches (Programs)Email Assist. For example; Rules/Reports based on success of email campaigns, number of Email Assist tasks sent, types of error messages being returned by systems, etc.

The following table lists the data fields available in this object:

Field Name Description
Associated Field Field from the associated object.
Associated Object Object name to which an email log is associated.
Associated Value The value stored in associated field from associated object.
Batch Name The name of the Batch.
Contact Name or User Name Recipient of the email - if sent internally, User Name is populated, if sent externally, Contact Name is populated.
Event Message An error message returned by the receiving email system.
Opened Binary value, 1 = the email was opened, 0 = the email was not opened.
Open Count Number of times the email was opened.
Template Name The name of the template
Triggered Date Date/time at which the email was scheduled to go out.
Triggered On Actual date/time that the email was sent.
Use Case Campaign = email was sent via Journey Orchestrator, Cockpit = email was sent via Email Assist task, and Program = email was sent via Program.
Variant Name The name of the variant used (Default = no variant or default variant triggered).
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