Once your administrator has configured and enabled email notifications, you can start using Email Notifications (the Bell icon) to configure the notifications that you would like to receive. For more information on how admins can configure email notifications, refer to Configure Internal User Email Notifications

Note: When clicking the bell icon, if you are unable to see Email Notifications, contact your administrator.


My Notification Settings

To configure email notifications:

1. Click the bell icon in the right corner of any page.

2. Select the desired email notification events.

  • For the customer I am following:
    • Survey Response Submitted: You receive an email when a recipient, whom you are following, submits a response to a survey.
    • Call to Action Created: You receive an email notification when a Call To Action is created for the customer you are following.
    • Call To Action Status Updated: You receive an email notification when a Call To Action status is updated.
  • A Success Plan is assigned to me: You receive an email notification when a Success Plan is assigned to you.
  • My Success plan due date is changed: You receive an email notification when a Success Plan’s due date is changed.
  • A CTA is assigned to me: You receive an email notification when a CTA is assigned to you.
  • A Task is assigned to me: You receive an email notification when a task is assigned to you.

3. Set Email frequency.

  • Never: If selected, you will never receive an email notification.
  • Daily: You will receive email notifications once per day.
  • Real Time: You will receive an email immediately after the events selected in Step 2 occur.
  • Weekly: You will receive an email notification once per week.

Note: You will not receive a notification when you assign yourself a CTA, Task, Success Plan, etc. but you can still test it by building a rule. (You can also have a coworker assign you one).


Subscribing to Email Notifications Manually

You also have the option of manually subscribing to individual customers in order to receive relevant notifications. After your admin has completed the necessary configurations for email notification, navigate to Customers > [Click on the desired customer] > [Click + icon beside Follow]. You will be subscribed to the selected customer, and you will start receiving notifications based on your configuration in Email Notifications (the bell icon).


The following is how the screen looks when you are subscribed to an individual customer:


Note: The Subscribed icon appears automatically if your administrator has configured your account for automatic subscription for receiving email notifications.

Email Notification

Email Notification

Depending on your subscription preferences, you will receive an email like the one above in Real Time, Daily or Weekly. In the example above, a Real Time notification was sent about a new CTA. In the email body there will be a hyperlink to the CTA or Survey and the Customer record. The subject of the email will be Your [Subscription Frequency] Notification Email and the email will come from Salesforce.

Note: These emails will be delivered from the User who configures the Notification settings from the Administration > Notifications section.

If you follow multiple customers in Gainsight AND you set email notifications, you will receive notifications for all of your followed customers. If you follow multiple customers and set your notifications to Daily or Weekly, you will receive consolidated email notifications.