You are requested to configure the following object in order to avoid issues with Daylight Saving Time, in case you have a higher time period (window) for your data. By default, we provide 5 years for past window and 1 year for future window. You might face issues/discrepancies in the data if you are looking at data that is beyond the default setting.

To configure Daylight Savings Time if you find a discrepancy in data:

1. Click on the All tabs icon in the Salesforce ribbon.


2. From the available tab links, click on Feature Setting.

3. Click the Edit link corresponding to 00001.

4. Enter appropriate number for past and future windows.

For example, you might want 6 years for past window and 3 years for future window. You must modify the Config text area to reflect the following text: {"dayLightYearPastWindow":6,"dayLightYearFutureWindow":3}