This document will guide you through the setup and configuration of Milestones at the Account and Relationship level. Milestones can be used to keep track of major events in the customer journey such as Project Kickoff, Training Completed, Go Live, Quarterly Business Review, etc. Milestones can be charted on the Engagement Graph to show how these events correlate to adoption and engagement.

Milestones Sub Tab

To get started, navigate to Administration > Workflow > Milestones.

Configure Milestones for Accounts or Relationships

If you have Relationships enabled in your org, you can configure milestones at the Global, Account, and Relationship levels. Milestones at the Global level are also available at the Account and Relationship levels. If you select Relationship, you will also need to select a specific Relationship Type to configure the milestone for use with.

If you have not enabled Relationships in your org, you can directly configure milestones for Accounts.  

Example: Depending on the configurations, milestones will be available in CTA type section at Administration > Workflow > Calls to Action for CTA configurations.

Create or Edit a Milestone Type

  1. To create a new milestone type, click NEW in the upper right. To edit an existing milestone, click the edit icon.

  1. Name: Choose a unique name for the milestone that you create or edit.
  2. Color: Choose a color to associate with the milestone for reporting purposes.
  3. Active: This checkbox gives you the option to mark a milestone as active or inactive.
  4. Click SAVE.


  • Scope: The level of milestones, which is either Global (available in both Accounts and Relationships); or Local, meaning the milestones are only available at the Account or Relationship level.
  • Reorder: Using this option, Admins can determine the display order of milestones in the drop down list. At the Account and Relationship levels, Admins can reorder the local milestones only. Global milestones are frozen after the local milestones.
  • Reporting Category: This option is not yet implemented for Milestone Types. Although, a milestone reporting category field is available in the object in order to use/implement it in future and cannot be used now.