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Common Errors and Reasons

This article lists the common errors that might be encountered across Gainsight operations. It also specifies the possible causes and solutions that can resolve these errors.

Rules Engine Errors

Rule Configuration

Common errors you may encounter while building a report.

Rule Configuration Error: Invalid Field. Possible permission issue...

Error: (Replace X with object name)

Invalid Field. Possible permission issue. Message: A field with the api name ''on object with the api name 'X does not exist or access permissions are required.

Possible cause: Permissions on the field used as “Account Lookup”.

Possible solution: Have users check their permissions to the field or object highlighted in the error. Have their SFDC admin adjust permissions on profile or permission set as necessary.

Rule Configuration Error: Currency Field in rule does not...

Error: Currency Field in rule is does not respect proper values.

Possible cause: Given an org having multi-currency enabled, the rule needs additional configuration.

Possible solution: Change the aggregation of the field to SUM.

Rule Configuration Error: Output field labels - Id should be unique

Error: The labels for output fields within a rule are not unique.

Possible cause: Output fields within a rule likely have conflicting labels. This could be because the labels were auto-generated with the same text.

Possible solution: Change one of the labels to a unique name.

Rule Configuration Error: When a dataspace is selected, a small...

Error: When a dataspace is selected, a small spinning wheel does not go away.

Possible cause: Ids on the backend identifying a dataspace did not pass properly.

Possible solution: Contact support.

Rule Configuration Error: Do not see MDA object in Matrix...

Error: Do not see MDA object in Matrix data object pull down.

Possible cause: Permission may not have been given or Account ID Mapping is missing.

Possible solutions:

  • Update MDA Object Mapping for Account ID.

  • Add Object and field via Rules Permissions.

Execution Log Related

These errors can be found in any rule, by navigating to Rule name > Execution History > Click on a Run History > View Logs.

Execution Log Related Errors.png

Execution Log Related Error: {"message":"Your query request was running...


{"message":"Your query request was running for too long.","errorCode":"QUERY_TIMEOUT"}

Possible cause: Too many records on SFDC object making query run too long.

Possible solutions:

  • Increase number of filters in the rule for query to bring in fewer records.
  • Break rules into two by stage, industry, etc.

Execution Log Related Error: Object type 'X_c' is not supported...

Error: (Replace” X” with Object Name)

Object type 'X__c' is not supported. If you are attempting to use a custom object, be sure to append the '__c' after the entity name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe scall for the appropriate names.","errorCode":"INVALID_TYPE"}]

Possible cause: Field that the rule is loading into, OAuth

Possible solution: Check Profile / Permissions Set to ensure proper permissions on that field within the object.

Execution Log Related Error: Logs given no error...

Error: Logs given no error. Rule is Creating CTAs and Org has sync Task to SFDC Enabled

Possible cause: SFDC Org is lacking resources; typically occurs when Task object has triggers, workflow rules, validation rules and process builders enabled on the object.

Possible solution: Reduce amount of triggers, workflow rules, validation rules and process builders enabled on the object.

Execution Log Related Error: The number of records fetched...

Error:  The number of records fetched from the source is more than the limit supported by Gainsight. The current limit is 300,000 rows of data. (Limit may change)

Possible cause: Initial data fetch from rule setup exceeds Gainsight limits

Possible solutions:

  • Split the rule up to get smaller queries of data.

  • Add additional filters.

Rule Results

These errors pertains to the Excel sheet that is sent from Gainsight through a failure run, manual run, or test run. Navigate to the Failed Records tab in excel.

Rule Results Error: X__c is null

Error:  ( Replace X with Field Name) “X__c is null”

Possible cause: Rule is unable to process mapped field where source value is null.

Possible solution: Add filters to rule setup or criteria so rule does not include null values.

Rule Results Error: [STRING_TOO_LONG : ………. (max length=1000)]

Error:  [STRING_TOO_LONG : ………. (max length=1000)]

Possible cause: Data Value length of source text field is too long to mapped destination field.

Possible solution: Extend the field limit of the destination field.

Rule Results Error: UNABLE TO LOCK ROW


Possible cause: Another SFDC process is using the record and it cannot be modified by GS Rule.

Possible solutions:

  • Reschedule the rule to a later time.

  • Look into eliminating the process affecting the rule.

Rule Results Error: The account has not yet been synced...

Error: Scorecard 2.0 Score does not set score, and C360 Scorecard 2.0 Section shows “The account has not yet been synced to MDA.”

Possible cause: Salesforce Connector is not enabled and synced.

Possible solution: Enable Salesforce Connector and sync.

Rule Results Error: Blank row at

Error: Blank row at.

Possible cause: Null Identifiers.

Possible solution: Apply filters to control nulls or replace nulls with proper data.

C360 & Dashboard Errors

C360 & Dashboard Error: Unable to Edit Customer Stage...

Error: Unable to Edit Customer Stage via Summary View.

Possible cause: Sharing Settings on “Account Public Read Only”.

Possible solutions:

  • Change sharing settings on Account to Public Read/Write.
  • Give user “Modify All Data” Permission.



Possible cause: Dashboard Report / UI VIew has a field with the special character “?”.

Possible solution: Rename field without “?” and re-save UI. For Gainsight Reports, remove report and re add to dashboard.

C360 & Dashboard Error: Entire C360 Summary Fails...

Error: Entire C360 Summary Fails to Load.

Possible cause: Related Section saved without a selected report.

Possible solution: If a section is added without a report, make sure to remove the section.

C360 & Dashboard Error: Overall C360 Score not populating...

Error: Overall C360 Score not populating, doubling, not calculating.

Possible cause: Duplicate Scorecard entries on backend from change of configuration.

Possible solution: Contact Gainsight Support.

Usage Data Errors

Usage Data Error

Error: Duplicates being created from a rule.

Possible cause: Improper identifiers in rule.

Possible solution: Choose appropriate identifiers to update unique record.

Cockpit Errors

Cockpit Configuration

Cockpit Configuration Error: "Server Error" when attempting to add link objects...

Error: "Server Error" when attempting to add link objects to use in Call to Actions.

Possible cause: N/A

Possible solution: Need a profile with "Modify all data permissions" and "Customize application" to link an object for Call to Actions.

Cockpit Configuration Error: Email Assist does not say...

Error: Email Assist does not say “Sent Successfully”.

Possible cause: Email is in deny list or bounced.

Possible solution: Remove email from the deny list in Administration -> Email Configuration or send it to a different email.

Success Plan Errors/Limits

Success Plan Error/Limit

Error: Success Plan Criteria & Comment Limit results in unsuccessful export via report builder.

Possible cause: 32,767 characters for comments and 1,000 for Success Plan Criteria is the limit.

Possible solution: Readjust comments or Success Plan text to be under the limits.

Journey Orchestrator Errors

Participant Load via CSV

Participant Load via CSV Error

Error: Schedule could not be created with the selected participants. This can happen when email addresses and/or contact records are missing.

Possible cause: Contact being loaded are not valid SFDC Contacts.

Possible solution: Load proper Contact IDs instead of emails.

Token Configuration Error

Token Misconfiguration

Error: Outreach Execution failed: Outreach failed because of token misconfiguration.

Possible cause: Email Template that was added to the outreach was modified, but the modified outreach was not added to the outreach before publishing.

Possible solution: Remove existing template from outreach. Add a different template, save the outreach, then re-add the modified template, save the outreach, and attempt publishing it again.

Email Templates

Email Templates Error

Error: Text format of tokens looks different than rest of template.

Possible cause: Token created by the token button.

Possible solution: Create text first, highlight, then create token.

Test Email

Test Email Error

Error: Date time format displays as epoch time in test email

Possible cause: Session Settings configuration under Setup.

Possible solution: Uncheck the following settings under Setup: 

  • Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated
  • Lock sessions to the domain in which they were first used.

S3 Errors

S3 Error: Unable to parse number: X at...

Error: Unable to parse number: X at row number 2.

Possible cause: Value “X” is unable to be parsed since the field receiving data is expecting a number.

Possible solutions:

  • Check field type in MDA table to make sure it is expected Type.

  • Correct data to meet expected data type of MDA field.

S3 Error: Data Not Loading in New MDA Object

Error: Data Not Loading in New MDA Object.

Possible cause: Column has leading spaces.

Possible solutions:

  • Remove leading spaces in MDA fields.

  • Reload csv with leading spaces removed.

Cyberduck Errors

Cyberduck Error

Error: Directory Listing Error.

Possible cause: Incorrect Path being used.

Possible solution: Copy the file path from gstext forward.

Miscellaneous Errors

Miscellaneous Error: Error parsing json response...

Error: Status: Request failed.

Message: Error parsing json response 'Unexpected token <' Logged in?.

Possible cause: Field has been removed from MDA that the Rule was referencing.

Possible solution: Rule should have removed the missing tokens, if token has been re-added in MDA, re-map the rule for affected field.

Miscellaneous Error: Tenant not yet configured...

Error: Tenant not yet configured. Contact Gainsight Admin.

Possible cause: If creating a new sandbox or new org, MDA Services may not have been enabled yet.

Possible solutions:

  • See the “Auto-Provisioning Matrix Data Architecture” article to enable services.
  • If already checked, uncheck all, save, refresh, and recheck all and save.
  • Be sure to contact support to Enable S3.

Miscellaneous Error:  "statusCode": 200, "type": "rpc",...



"statusCode": 200,

"type": "rpc",

"tid": 18,

"ref": false,

"action": "JBCXM.WorkFlowBroker",

"method": "workFlowRequestBroker",

"result": {

"dataObj": false,

"errCode": "",

"errMsg": "invalid ID field: Gainsight User",

"success": false


"status": true


Possible cause: Likely User State Preservation is not working properly, need script from support.

Possible solution: Rule should have removed the missing tokens, if token has been re-added in MDA, re-map the rule for affected field.


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