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How to Submit a Gainsight Support Ticket

This article explains about how to submit a ticket to the Gainsight Support team.

Perform the following steps to submit a support ticket:

  1. If you have an existing login with Gainsight support, click Submit a Ticket from the Support dropdown. This should be visible from any page.


Note: If you do not have an existing login with Gainsight support, click Request a Login from the Support dropdown. You will then be directed to where you can send an email to to request a username and password.


2. If you are not logged in already, enter your Gainsight Support username and password and click Sign in. If you are already signed in, proceed to step 3.


3. Fill out the Submit a request form. You need to add information in the following mandatory fields along with other fields which are optional before you submit your request.



  1. Subject: Enter short description of the request.

  2. Description: Provide description for the support request. Include as many details as possible including the environment (production or sandbox), user(s) who are in need of assistance, detailed step by step directions on how to replicate the issue etc.

  3. Time zone (optional): Select your timezone for the tickets submitted by you to get routed to the support team nearest to your location.

  4. Severity: Select the appropriate option from the drop-down list as shown in the following image. Gainsight Support reserves the right to change the severity of your ticket at any time.


  1. I need help with…: From the drop-down list containing the list of Gainsight features/areas, select the required option to categorize your request.


  1. Access Granted to Gainsight Support: Select Yes if the issue uses the Salesforce “Grant Login Access”.


  1. Attachments (optional):  Attach any screenshot or file which will help support better understand your question or problem.

4. Click SUBMIT.

5. Check or update Existing Requests. Once you submit a ticket you can check the status of your ticket at anytime by going back to Home.
For more information about how to update/check your existing requests, refer to the Gainsight Support Tickets: How to Update and Check Status article.

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