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Newly Introduced License Types in Gainsight

New License Types in Gainsight

Gainsight will be introducing two new license types in the upcoming Gainsight 6.23 release. The user with these license types will not be able to Login to Gainsight or access Sally, and there will not be any Permission Bundles available for these Users. These licenses will not be charged to the customers. The following are the license types:

  • Internal Collaborator: This type of license can be assigned to employees within an organization who do not use the product directly but need to collaborate with other internal teams. For example, Sales, Services, and Marketing teammates can be added as Internal Collaborators.
    • Users who are added manually or through CSV upload will be assigned this license type by default.
    • Users can search the Internal collaborator licensed users in Gainsight. For example, add them as Internal Attendees in meetings from Timeline.
    • While importing ‘Active’ users from Salesforce who do not have a Gainsight license, users are assigned ‘Internal Collaborator’ license by default.
  • External: A user with External license type is created when a C/R 360 or a Success Plan is shared with a Person/Contact record.


  • ‘Unlicensed' license type will no longer be available in Gainsight.
  • All active unlicensed users from the current customers with system type as 'Internal' will be assigned with the Internal Collaborator license.
  • All active unlicensed users with system type as 'External' will be assigned an External license.
  • While importing users from Salesforce, the states (active/inactive) of the users will be honored. For example, inactive users from Salesforce will be imported as inactive users in Gainsight.
  • Inactive users will not have any licenses in Gainsight which means their license type field will blank in User Management.

Sync License

A new Sync License button will be added in the User Management page. Admins can click Sync License to update the license type of users who are added from Salesforce based on the following conditions:

  • Full License: Users will be assigned Full License, if they have a Gainsight license in Salesforce and the following Permission Sets - 
    • Gainsight Admin
    • Gainsight Standard
    • Gainsight Special
    • Custom Gainsight Permission Sets
    • Combination of the above and the Viewer Permission Sets (Gainsight Viewer and Gainsight Limited)
    • No Permission Sets
  • Viewer License: Users will be assigned with Viewer license, if they have a Gainsight License in Salesforce with the following Permission Sets -
    • Gainsight Viewer
    • Gainsight Limited
    • Combination of Gainsight Viewer and Gainsight Limited
  • Internal Collaborator: Users will be assigned an Internal Collaborator license if they do not have a Gainsight License and are active in Salesforce.

Note: A weekly scheduler from Gainsight will update the license type of users who are added from Salesforce in Gainsight, based on the permission sets assigned to them in Salesforce.

IMPORTANT: For the opt-out customers, all of the above changes will be applicable except the UI changes.
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